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Expresso's immersive indoor rides are now on Strava.

Thousands of riders have already shared 100,000 Expresso workouts to Strava with Strava's Gym and Studio Sync program, Try Expresso's virtual rides at thousands of gyms in the U.S., and then see your workouts stats and photos directly in your Strava feed.

Track more workouts on Strava.

Regardless of whether you're at the gym or on the roads, you can now share more of your fitness regimen on Strava. Once you connect your Expresso account to Strava, all your workout stats will sync automatically with your total time, distance, max speed, calories burned, cadence, heart rate and watts.

Discover and share new workouts.

Expresso workouts span virtual road riding, studio cycling and high intensity gaming workouts. Connect with other Expresso riders on Strava to discover and share new Expresso workouts.

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With Expresso bikes in over 3,000 premium fitness facilities around the world, it's never been easier to ride with Expresso and share your workout on Strava.

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Connect your Expresso account to Strava and find a bike near you.

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