Everest No Filter

Follow Along as Adrian Ballinger & Cory Richards Climb Mt. Everest Without Oxygen

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There are few athletic feats as audacious and inspiring as climbing Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen. In 2016, climbers Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards, used Strava to tell the story of their attempt to climb Everest without oxygen. Cory made it to the top. Adrian had to stop just before the summit due to hypothermia. In 2017, the friends return with the Everest No Filter 2.0 expedition presented by Strava and Eddie Bauer with the goal of putting Adrian on the summit. Follow Adrian and Cory to get a look inside an Everest expedition like you've never seen before. They'll share activities from the climb, insights from rest days and tell their story through photos, words, segments and biometric data. Follow these remarkable athletes to get a sense of the crazy effort that it takes to achieve one of the biggest goals in all of sport.

Adrian Ballinger

Adrian has summited Everest six times and is one of the USA's premier high-altitude mountain guides. As founder and CEO of Alpenglow Expeditions, Adrian has been guiding full-time for 15 years and has led more than 100 international climbing expeditions on five continents.

Cory Richards

Cory Richards is an esteemed alpine athlete, as well as a National Geographic photography fellow and filmmaker, whose expeditions to the greater ranges of the world have made him a leader in adventure and expedition photography. In 2011, he was awarded the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award.

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