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Imagine spending a couple of days (and nights) in a giant sleeper RV with nine other runners who you’ve never met before. You’re collectively aiming to run 340 miles from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by trading off roughly 8 mile legs, while eating vast quantities of peanut butter and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Add to this picture the relentless heat of the desert, and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with running, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the Speed Project is all about. Sound kind of crazy? We think so too!

Fortunately, with self-selected superpowers ranging from an ability to spit really far, to having a talent for napping face down on a table, we’ve found the right group for the task. Follow along with the race on our Instagram.  We’ll be bringing you live updates starting Friday, Mar. 30.

Sarah Peltier

Caring, scrappy and intense. Colorado local Sarah is most likely to be found hanging out with her two dogs while drinking a local brew.
Superpower: I am really good at napping anywhere – face down on a table? Under my desk? No problem. But I also have an anti-superpower, I get motion sick in all sorts of places. So 2 days on an RV should be interesting.
Rv desert island item: Coffee.


Sarah Evans

Disciplined, passionate and strong. When Sarah’s not watching the sunrise from the trails she can be found chasing after her two children.
Superpower: I can make (and I drink!) black coffee strong enough that a spoon will stand up in it.
Rv desert island item: Dark chocolate espresso beans.


Mary Kate Callahan

Energetic, spontaneous and gritty. Mary Kate spends most of her time up in the air travelling the world as an elite wheelchair racer.
Superpower: Puzzle Master – ability figure out how to fit 2 bikes, 1 wheelchair, and 9 wheels into one car while traveling abroad. **Nobody was injured in the process
Rv desert island item: An allen key + multi-tool. I learned the hard way but I now carry them everywhere I go.


Jessica Snider-Rodriguez

Adventurous, dedicated and witty. New Yorker Jessica is a part time philanthropist and mezcal enthusiast who is most likely to be found taking classes at her local fitness studio.
Superpower: I’m a huge morning person to the point where I have to tone it down for people
RV desert island item: Literally water. Really into cucumber water specifically and seltz (Perrier please/thx in advance for both Strava).


Angela Reynolds

Adventurous, stubborn and honest. Single mom and LA local Ang is most likely to be found looking after her three kids, or dashing between her two jobs as a cross country coach and child development program site supervisor.
Superpower: I can climb everything. Not like a rock climber, like a monkey.
RV desert island item: Rocktape. I can fix any injury with Rocktape.


Sara Hudgens

Disciplined, involved and smiley. When Sara isn’t running around Houston’s inner loop she’s playing the part of personal assistant to 150+ teenagers, AKA a 7th grade maths teacher.
Superpower: Definitely my level of efficiency! I can accomplish a lot in one day.
RV desert island item: Coffee, without a doubt.


Elizabeth Harkins

Dependable, focused and all-smiles. Pediatric nurse, and aspiring beer aficionado, Elizabeth is most likely to be found run commuting from one activity to the next.
Superpower: I am extremely good at 2 minute showers.
RV desert island item: Coffee, and maybe some water too – for when I’ve had too much coffee.


Lauren Holtvoigt

Perseverant, analytical and strategic. Veterinarian and science nerd Lauren is most likely to be found eating epic brunches or running, of course.
Superpower: I am good at packing an efficient carry-on suitcase no matter the duration of the trip; 2 days or 6 weeks, you better believe I can fit it in the overhead.
RV desert island item: Easy, crunchy peanut butter.


Samantha Juraschka

Resourceful, driven and dorky. When she’s not running Samantha is most likely to be found hovering in front of the fridge.
Superpower: I can endure -30 degree weather. I’ve lasted longer outside on my runs than both my phone and garmin
RV desert island item: Google Maps. Don’t ask me for directions.


Tia Stone

Determined, positive and competitive. When Arkansas local Tia isn’t coaching, volunteering or looking after her kids she is most likely to be found cooking up something delicious in her kitchen.
Superpower: I love cooking and baking. Homemade cinnamon rolls are my speciality!
RV desert island item: Years ago, before I had an iPhone, I would have said my camera but now as long as I have my phone I’m good to go. I’ve always been that person who goes a little overboard with taking pictures.