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Project 1:59

Run a sub two-hour half marathon this season with training tools and a community from Strava.

Dreaming of breaking the 2-hour half marathon? We got your back.

Time to squad up once again to beat one of the big hurdles in distance running – the sub-2 half marathon. More than 50% of all half marathoners on Strava have broken through to 1:59 (and beyond!), and we know more can do it with just a little support. So we’re inspiring runners to band together and get it done. We teamed up with Kelly Roberts last year and built a fun and uplifting community around beating this goal at the Popular Brooklyn Half – so let’s do it again this year!

We've got the tools, training plans, community and an exclusive VIP package to help run the race of your life. Here's the plan:

Join the Project 1:59 Club on Strava. You’ll find a buzzing community of runners like you with a shared goal, which means ample opportunities for group training runs, gear and course advice, fun photos, moral support, racing partners and some good-spirited trash talkin’.

The Project 1:59 Challenge is your chance to put that goal to work. All challenge participants will receive weekly training emails from two-time Olympian Kara Goucher. The challenge runs through the end of May to give you time to reach your goal.

Ready to train? Download the Training Plan. Olympian and Strava Pro Kara Goucher has designed a simple and easy-to-follow 10-week training plan to get you across that line in less than two. She ran a 1:06 half marathon in her day… seems qualified for the job! Get the full plan here, complete with training tips.

About Your Coach:
Kara Goucher

Kara Goucher is a professional runner, inspirational mentor, proud mother and loving wife. A three-time Division I NCAA champion, a two-time Olympian, an American Record holder, silver medalist and one of the most accomplished distance runners of all time, Kara is an inspiration to people everywhere, and an advocate for clean sport and women’s rights.

The Project 1:59 VIP Experience

The application window for the Project 1:59 has closed. We will be announcing the 10 finalists shortly. Please join the Project 1:59 Challenge and Club to virtually train with a global community of runners going after that sub-2 goal!

Meet the Pacers

These four badass women will be pacing our contest winners to 1:59 in NYC.
Amanda Nurse

Amanda Nurse

Amanda Nurse is an marathon runner, yoga instructor and new mom from Boston, MA. She’s run 15 marathons with a personal best of 2:40, which earned her a spot in the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Team Trials. She is a new mom to 4 month old, Riley, and has loved sharing runs with him! She is the co-captain of The Heartbreakers Run Club, and teaches yoga for athletes and treadmill classes in the Boston area. Amanda can't wait to tackle Project 1:59 with Strava athletes this May!

Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson

Mary is an avid runner and passionate coach. She started running as a senior in high school so she could get out of gym class and was instantly hooked. After getting laid off from her job in fashion marketing in 2015, Mary decided to completely change her career path and started working in strength & conditioning and performance training. She founded Lift.Run.Perform in 2017 and has since helped athletes from all over the country achieve goals they never thought possible. Mary is so excited to run the streets of Brooklyn and to be part of Project 1:59!

Dorothy Beal

Dorothy Beal

Dorothy Beal is a runner, writer and a body positive activist who believes that runners come in all shapes and sizes and that if you run, you have a runner's body. She started running in college as a way to lose excess weight she had gained from what she considered an unhealthy lifestyle. While it was over 15 years ago that she ran her first sub 2 half marathon, it often feels like just yesterday to her because it was one of her most proud accomplishments at the time. She is excited to return to the streets of New York to help pace other runners to achieve their sub-2 goal!

Michele Gonzales

Michele Gonzales

Michele King Gonzalez is a mom of two from Staten Island, NY. She is a US Army and 3x-Iraqi veteran. Michele shares the challenges she experiences with trying to juggle a family, a career in finance in NYC and training competitively. Michele is currently training for an early spring half marathon and late spring marathon. She’s excited to help pace other runners to their own personal best in Brooklyn!

You Got This!

What are you waiting for? You’ll make a bunch of friends, get a smart plan, find inspiration and maybe score some pace partners in the 1:59 club, plus you just might win the big prize to set you up like a sub-2 VIP.

And it’s all free and you have nothing to lose.