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Your Best Photos of 2018

These winning shots captured the raw spirit of sport.

In 2018 there were 187 million photos uploaded to Strava. Incredible, right? These photos capture the moments that only sport can create— vivid, intense, poignant, humbling, human, mundane, ecstatic.

The Year in Sport Photo Contest is all about celebrating these moments, and thousands of you sent us the images that captured your best of 2018. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and the Strava community. We hope you enjoy these standout images as much as we do!

The Winners

Summit/Camera winner: Jordi Saragossa

"Last runner in the finish line of Zegama Aizkorri Marathon... with the best company ever!"

Adventure/Camera winner: James Rogers

"This photograph was taken on the first 'hot' day of the year that we had in Wales, up until that point the weather had been horrendous, hence the full winter kit on a hot day. As we made our way through newly found routes in South Wales, we eventually ended up running out of track to ride on, and part of the ride became a hike through fields that had become swamps due to the previous week's rainfall. You might think that this would have ruined the ride and we'd have turned back, but this is what made the adventure."

Kudos/Camera winner: Mickael Mussard

"Le Grand Raid at la Réunion Island is one of the most difficult race of the world. This father and his son decided to run the race together... As François d'Haene and Benoit Girondel who wan the race some hours before, they finished hand in hand, weeping with joy. An amazing moment!"

Adventure/Smartphone winner: Brazo de Hierro

"You’ll never know what you have in your cycling backyard."

Summit/Smartphone: Will Hawkes

"While studying insect migration in the Pyrenees, our spare time was taken up predominately by mountain running. While jogging to collect the insect trap one evening, my PhD supervisor, Karl, and I were joined by colour filling the sky and an incredible cloud inversion encompassing the valleys below. This is Karl reaching the summit."

Kudos/Smartphone: Richard Seville

"One of the club's super stars taking on the sky fell race at the ripe age of 50."


Summit/Camera: Joao Faria

"Emelie Frosberg, apart from her amazing racing, conquered 4 FKT's almost in a row this year's summer. It was an attempt to show women out there what is possible for them to do."

Adventure/Camera: Emily Cheng

"My friend Derek and I spent a week mountaineering in the French Alps this summer. In 2013 I had gazed up at these mountains as a college student, studying abroad in France. I had no idea I'd be climbing these very mountains half a decade later. I took this photo during our approach to Arete des Cosmiques, a classic climb. Thick clouds swirled out across the glacier making every roped team seem like they were suspended in midair: a storm was brewing. During the climb itself we battled snow, hail, and thunder. It was a truly alpine experience!"

Kudos/Camera: Tim Madding

"From the NorCal HS Cycling League 2018 State Championships. A mother hugging her son after nearly winning the Champions Title."

Summit/Smartphone: MB Nebel

"Dani, Lindsey and I traveled to Yosemite for the first time this Spring to run a half marathon. Our time to explore the park was limited and we wanted to make the most of it, so after getting up at 4.30 AM on Saturday to race, we got up at 2.30 AM on Sunday to drive to Yosemite Valley Trailhead parking lot to hike to Cloud's Rest. When we made it to the Mist Trail, it was still dark. The mist was cool, and I was grateful for that because the trail was kind of steep. But it also meant that everything was wet, which was kind of terrifying. The only thing we could hear at that point was the rushing water, and we were so worried about possibly encountering a bear, that we freaked out when we came across our first deer. After the sun rose, we kept hearing this odd sound that we couldn't quite place, kind of like when you blow across a bottle top. Around 9.30, we made it to a false summit about a mile from Cloud's Rest. Half of our water was gone, our legs were done, and once we heard it was snowing at the summit, we decided to settle for the view from 'Dani's Rest' (pictured here). Some day, I'd like to make it all the way to the peak, but it was a day I'll always remember even though we didn't."

Adventure/Smartphone: Gokhan Kutluer

"The best word that describes me is wanderer. A wanderer who constantly looks for a new peek to reach, a new dream to catch."

Kudos/Smartphone: Matt Swiontek

"After being sidelined for 8 weeks with a hip injury, I was given the green light to begin training for my first 'real' marathon. My actual first marathon training was sidelined by an injury so I ended up walking most of it. After 12 weeks of rebuilding into training, I conquered the NYC Marathon with a 1 hour, 11 minute PR and with my friends (who drove all the way from Michigan to surprise me) cheering me on. My face says it all." - Kelly Johnson

Third Place

Summit/Camera: Jennifer Gothe

"Ski uphill to watch that amazing sunset above a sea of clouds in the local mountains"

Adventure/Camera: John Montesi

"My trail dog and best friend, Hank, always shows us how to hit the party lines. This is a shot of him hitting a rock kicker on the hand cut trails in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness in Arkansas."

Kudos/Camera: Emily Cheng

"There's nothing quite like the joy of sharing a warm croissant with friends after a birthday bike ride. It doesn't snow in San Francisco, but with all the singing, laughter, and powdered sugar flying in the air, it felt like a white Christmas. Friendships are formed before, during, and after a ride, indeed!"

Summit/Smartphone: Joshua Weiss

"Waking at 3am to be the first up Mt. Baker, Wa. Ted Matson (pictured) and I made our way up to the summit of the ski area. For this shot, the sunrise was beaming through the trees to the perfect moment. This is one of the best rides in the PNW. If you have not done this ride, get out here!"

Summit/Smartphone: Kevin Ryan

"Sunday 16th December bike ride at local woods Thrunton."

Kudos/Smartphone: Lisa Winchester

"Halloween cyclocross race at Deschutes Brewery in Bend OR."

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