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The Last Mile challenge invited athletes to try and make the last mile of their next half or full marathon their fastest in order to unlock a donation to the next generation of runners. These seven workouts were designed to help athletes achieve that goal but if you missed out on the challenge we’re pretty sure finishing fast never goes out of fashion!

Three Gears
By Lauren Fleshman

«This workout teaches you how to change gears deliberately, with control. Rather than bust out like a bat out of hell with a mile to go (that won’t end well), we’re going to work on changing gears deliberately and smoothly so you have the confidence to do it (and do it well) on race day.»

The Progression Run
By Neely Spence Gracey

«Tempo runs are a great way to get some experience at running hard for a sustained period of time, and you’ll feel like a champion when you’re done.»

Floating Fartleks
By Ben St. Lawrence

«Become comfortable with being uncomfortable, because that’s essentially what running is all about, right? This mix of hard efforts, with ‘floats’ where you back off the gas but not too much is one of the best ways to train your body and mind to pick things up even when your body is screaming at you to slow down.»

Ready to Roll
By Grayson Murphy

«This workout is great for building endurance and strength. I tend to get bored easily in monotonous workouts but this one keeps it interesting!»

“Say Yes!”
By Lily Partridge

«How do you train your body to keep saying yes? You have to practice it – you have to take your body and mind through that final mile so come race day you can hit it. This session is focused on getting faster on tired legs.»

By Dorothy Beal

«This workout is a great introduction to running fast while not feeling overwhelming. It’s one of those workouts that might not look fancy on paper but sometimes simple is best.»

Race Pace
By Sebastian Reinwand

«Overcome the training blues by planning a race into your schedule. Heading into race day you won’t have to worry about blowing up because you’ll know you’re ready.»