As we approach marathon day in Boston, we would like to celebrate our athletes and the historic event. No better words than your own to say that there is nothing else like it.

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Boston is the pinnacle. It’s the reason why so many runners run. And, so many runners run marathons to qualify for Boston. It’s the oldest marathon. There is nothing else like it. Even the two other suffer fests I ran were magical. There is no other run that I have ever done where it is just lined the full way with runners. Boston is awesome.- Josh Beisel (Photo above).

Although our team is unable to attend this year, it feels like just the other day when we stood at the start line in Hopkinton handing out gloves. This year more than ever, we want to wish our athletes well. Proving they can finish Boston stronger than ever.



We’ve got some incredible runners tackling the course this year including everyone from first time to Boston marathoners, to over seventy years in age, mother-daughter duo’s, Pros, Ambassadors and Strava employees. Over 200 athlete’s said they were Boston Bound and have been training together in this club. Here are just a few to follow on Monday.

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Don Van Dell who will be running the race at age 71, 30 years after his first Boston Marathon in 1984.

Peter Vosshall, who ran the London Marathon just last Sunday!

Lee Labrum, running the race with her daughter. They were both stopped short of the finish line last year and unable to complete the race. Read her race story from 2013.

DevonStrava Pros:

Matt Flaherty, Wave 1, Corral 1 2:22 PR

Ian Sharman, Wave 1, Corral 1 2:32 PR

Alex Varner, Wave 1, Corral 1 2:21 PR

Brooke Wells, Wave 1, Corral 1 2:36 PR

Devon Yanko, Elite wave 2:38 PR

IMG_1418Strava Ambassadors:

Peter Duyan (former employee), Wave 1, Corral 4 2:39 PR

Chris Kovalchick, Wave 1, Corral 2 2:45 PR

Chris Mocko, Wave 1, Corral 1 2:23 PR

Bryan Morton, Wave 1, Corral 1 2:33 PR

Matt Shechtman, Wave 1, Corral 2 2:47 PR

CrosbyStrava Employees:

Crosby Freeman, Run Product Manager, Wave 1, Corral 1 2:20 PR

Steve Lloyd, Run lead for Engineering, Wave 1, Corral 2 2:45 PR


The local support from the City of Boston and surrounding communities is beyond anything I have ever experienced during my running career. It truly is a honor to run the Boston Marathon. – Chaiwat Engtrakul

Even if you can’t be at the start in Hopkinton, you can still celebrate your love for running and these iconic events by covering the marathon distance on your own before April April 20th. Between the London and Boston marathons, Strava is challenging you to run a total of 42.2km (26.2mi). Unlike a real world race, you can break this Challenge up over multiple activities throughout the week.

Share your personal marathon story with the community using the hashtag #StravaRunsBoston. If you’ve ever run Boston, London, or another marathon that impacted your life in some way, tell us what makes it unique, how the community supported you and what keeps you running?Add comments to the discussion below.