Sometimes in sport we get the opportunity to do something different - to step outside our comfort zone and understand what it feels like to be afraid. To take on a challenge that’s bigger than ourselves and find a team to help make the impossible possible. The Speed Project is that kind of challenge.

We found a group of ten women who were willing to do it - moms, a teacher, a nurse, every day women. Who were excited to tackle the Speed Project - an unrelenting and unforgiving 340 mile relay across the desert from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

While there are lots of races out there that allow athletes to struggle alongside each other, to put themselves on the line - the good, the bad, and the sweaty - the Speed Project seems to have the ability to accelerate the connections and camaraderie this process so often forges.

“The best, and maybe unexpected part, was the hard and fast bond that was created among the team and crew that can't really be explained... but is life changing in many ways,” said Sarah Evans, one of the members of Strava’s team.

“I am actually a little scared that I am never going to be able to recreate anything like TSP [The Speed Project] again. Kind of like finishing a really good book you don't want to end.”