Connect With Your Club

You can now create engaging posts for your Strava club.

As the club admin, you have the ability to create posts within your Strava club that help you engage with your audience more directly. These posts appear in the activity feed of all members. You can think of this as a more social and more engaging Strava experience – whether your club is a few local friends who like to run together, or a large business with fans and members around the world, your Strava club continues to be the place to get information, share inspiring stories and build community.

Posting to Clubs

Anytime your organization is publishing original content or sharing relevant articles, they can be shared with your Strava club.

Some types of content include photos & photosets, unique creations and discoveries inside of Strava like routes or interesting segments, editorial articles, blog-type posts, race stories from your community, discussion topics, informal surveys, and product reviews and feedback.

This is a great way to keep Strava athletes up-to-date about what’s happening with your organization.

How to Post

Club admins can post to Strava through our mobile app. Some best practices include:
  • Posting from mobile if the content includes photos.
  • Including a brief title. Longer text may become truncated and/or lose athlete interest.
  • Containing a content teaser in each post. The first 150 characters will appear as a preview for the post when it’s shown in the feed.
  • This should summarize what the post is about and encourage athletes to read more.
  • Condensing URLs whenever possible. We recommend using or when shortening links.

Promoting Your Content
& Community Engagement

Once the content is posted, it will appear in the Strava feed of your club members and the Posts section of the club. You, as the face of your club, can also share this link across your social media network to build your Strava club following.

Club admins can create a branded Strava profile to make posts, respond to comments, etc. This should have the name and logo of your organization so other athletes understand that your feedback is on behalf of the club and not a particular individual.

Specs and Guidelines

All content should be relevant to Strava’s audience: Spam and/or inappropriate content is not permitted on Strava, all content is subject to Strava T&Cs . The use of Strava trademarks is prohibited without the explicit consent of the Strava | Business team.

  • Headline character limit: 250
  • Body character limit: unlimited
  • Photo upload size limit: unlimited, but please note photos larger than 2048px wide will be downscaled to 2048px
  • Caption character limit: unlimited
  • Number of links per post: unlimited
  • No HTML


1. Is this advertising?
No, Strava athletes won’t see posts unless they join a club that is utilizing the feature. It’s an opt-in experience.

2. What kinds of stuff should I be posting?
Here are some ideas: nutrition, training, gear, lifestyle, inspirational performances (both pro and amateur), event recaps, biographies of athletes, injury prevention and treatment, product sales, special programs, promotions (just do so in a way that looks clean, crisp and compelling!)

3. How much should I post?
Start out with a couple times a week to see how your community engages. Try out different times of day as well.

4. Can I daypart/geotarget/audience target/behavior target/retarget my posts?
No, these posts get inserted into the feed of all athletes in your club.

5. Can I tag people in posts?
No, but you can tag them in comments as long as they have either a) posted before or b) are in your Strava network.

6. Can I edit and/or delete my posts?

Editing Post

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