The negativity, the curation, the pressure to filter out reality and only share a “perfect you” – social networks have stopped being real. People don’t feel good enough. It’s not much fun anymore.

That’s not us. Strava is a place to be imperfect. It’s a place to put it all out there and forget about what people think. It’s a place to be yourself – a glorious, absurd, incredible, ordinary, flawed, proud athlete – and nothing else.

Athletes Unfiltered features normal athletes. They’re good, inspiring people, daring enough to share their journey day after day, whether that’s breaking a marathon PR or cutting a run short to desperately search for the nearest toilet. They’re real and not afraid to be vulnerable – probably a lot like you. They’re what makes Strava different.


We’re rallying Strava athletes to go against the grain (as athletes tend to do) by posting your favorite anti-filter photos: Show us the awkward tan lines, the flushed post-workout selfie, the filthy hands, the raw joy of getting through a big day out. There’s no such thing as too real. Maybe that’s not “trending” lately, but your definition of fun has always been a little different.

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