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Introducing Athlete Posts

Strava got a big upgrade today, and you can experience it by following these 36 athletes.

These athletes can now post stories, photos, questions, gear tips, race reports, recommendations, workouts – all kinds of content in addition to activity uploads. It’ll be great content, too, as you’ll see some of your favorite athletes on this list… Lauren Fleshman, Jered Gruber, Rich Roll and more.

This is a leap forward in our plan to build a place where you can find everything you love about your sport. Strava is already where millions of athletes go to record activities, track their training and connect with their friends. Now it can also be where you discover the perfect half marathon. It can be where you share awesome photos of your summit sunrise or slick new bike. It can be where you ask other cyclists about the best tire choice for your next MTB vacation. It can be where you share your homemade energy bar recipe, your all-time favorite trail, your tips for fixing a busted IT band, a new article on running across Africa, stories from your latest adventure vacation… we can go on and on. Starting today, Strava’s going to look more like that place.

We’re letting these 36 athletes go first to show us lots of cool ways to use this new feature. They’re known for going on big adventures and telling great stories, so why not follow a few? Only they can create athlete posts for now, and it won’t be long before every Strava athlete can start conversations of their own.

Think about it: You could have everything you love about your sport in one app.

No more digging through forum websites built in the ’90s to find your niche gear question. And you can leave all the political rants and cat GIFs behind on other social networks. Strava’s where you can be a sport nerd, hanging out with other sport nerds, and delightfully little else.

One more thing: You’ll only see athlete posts from athletes you follow. Which also means that you’ll only be able to experience this new functionality if you check out the athletes below.

Lauren Fleshman

Writer, entrepreneur, and world-class 5k racer turned ace coach who works with some of the best athletes in the sport.

Phil Gaimon

Author, writer, ex-World Tour racer, KOM chaser and provocateur.

Caroline Gleich

Bold ski mountaineer pursuing big lines and first descents around the world.

James Poole

This ultrarunner is a co-founder of AdventRunning, Captain of adidas Runners LDN and a Trainer at GoodGym.

Kate Carter

The lifestyle editor of and author of The Guardian's running blog, she races around the world sharing great stories along the way.

Martin Yelling

Presenter of the Marathon Talk podcast and former international runner, elite duathlete and triathlete shares his passion for running.

Rich Roll

Entertainment attorney turned vegan ultra-endurance athlete and host of the iTunes top 10 Rich Roll podcast.

Kelly Roberts

The creator of the inspirational Run, Selfie, Repeat blog and podcast.

Adrian Ballinger

6-time Everest summiter, storied mountain guide and ski mountaineer, co-creator of #EverestNoFilter.

Susie Chan

A UK runner who tackles the toughest ultra-marathons and endurance races in the world.

Richard Mitchelson

Passionate cyclist and runner who is an animator, illustator and designer for some of the biggest brands in cycling.

Claudi Schroegel

The co-founder of AdventRunning and Captain of adidas Runners LDN, this coach always has a new project cooking.

Carol Buffara

Inspirational Brazilian athlete who shares about fitness and nutrition and celebrates the healthy life.

Florian Neuschwander

An ultrarunner with a Transrockies title to his credit who also gets after it on the road with wins in events like the Wings for Life Munich Run in 2016.

Maria Wilke

This former horse rider came to cycling through triathlon and now tells her cycling story through photos.

Lentine Alexis

Pro cyclist turned chef and adventurer, she makes fueling performance taste and feel great.

Jered Gruber

An ex-pro cyclist, now one of the very best photographers shooting pro cycling.

Katie Zaferes

Olympian American triathlete provides an inside look at training and racing around the world on the WTS.

Knox Robinson

NYC-based coach, runner, writer, entrepreneur and creator of unique running camps and events.

Lottie Bilidirici

Running, fitness and plant-based nutrition guru known for her popular Running on Veggies site.

Dr. Kevin Sprouse

Cannondale-Drapac team doctor shares training wisdom and a behind the scenes look at the World Tour.

Cat Simpson

An endurance runner and photographer who fits in an incredible amount of running around her nursing studies.

Marine Leleu

Coach, Iron Woman, marathoner and YouTuber spreading the word about the fit life.

Yoann Stuck

Founder of the Town To Trail club who pushes running toward a more friendly and nature-oriented discipline.

Ashley Gruber

One of the best photographers shooting pro cycling and the bike life.

Jesse Thomas

The pro triathlete and Picky Bars co-founder who brings a sense of humor and aviator glasses to every race, win or lose.

Devon Yanko

Entrepreneur and baker who travels the globe competing as a top professional ultrarunner.

Eva Eigelshoven

Running to discover – from the city to the trails and everything in between.

Felix Hentschel

This former steeplechase athlete shares his transformation from a trackie into a triathlete and what he learns along the way.

Henning Lenertz

An editor of Runner's World Germany undertakes trail running adventures in the moutnains and pursues a marathon PR on the road.

Cory Richards

National Geographic photographer who has summited Everest without oxygen, co-creator of #EverestNoFilter.

Sally McRae

Professional ultrarunner, personal trainer and coach whose social content inspires athletes around the world.

James Lawrence

The Iron Cowboy is a triathlon coach, father of five and world-record holding endurance athlete.

Thomas Lorblanchet

A figurehead in the trail running movement with a love of the outdoors.

Romain Bourven

Formerly Parisian club scene videographer and photographer, now applying his talents to the running world.

Julien Verlay

Rapha Cycling Club international coordinator and explorer of the most beautiful routes.

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