Where Will Strava Routes Take You?

Today we’re excited to make the Strava Route Builder available to all users. Using real athlete data to recommend the best roads and trails around the world, the Route Builder lets you create running and cycling routes that fit your preferences and goals, whether you’re trying to hit the most segments or go for the most (or least!) elevation.

We’ve made some improvements since launching our Routes Preview that we want to share with you:

Manual Mode: As a runner, you may want to create a route (that cuts through a park, for instance) that the Route Builder prevents you from creating because it doesn’t yet exist in Strava’s basemap. The new manual mode feature will let you turn off all popularity and elevation controls and essentially draw lines on the map wherever you’d like.

Estimated Ride Time: For cycling routes, you’ll now see an estimated ride time in the bottom bar of the Route Builder, on Route cards, Routes pages, and cue sheets which will estimate how long it will take you to complete the route based on your average speed over the past four weeks.

Strava Popularity Heatmap: To see the most popular roads and paths across the world, you can now toggle on a Strava Popularity heatmap in the Map View Options panel of the Route Builder.

Delete Routes: If you’d like to delete a route that you’ve created, you can do so from the My Routes page. Press the actions button (wrench icon) on the Route you wish to delete. From that menu, you can either edit or delete the route. Deleting a route you created is permanent, so make sure you really want to remove it.

Access the Route Builder and all of your created and starred routes by clicking the My Routes tab on your dashboard.

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  • Daniel Webb

    Is it possible to view created routes on your IOS or Android device (using Strava mobile) so that you can follow the route on a Bike or Run?

  • klimgeyt

    Dear all at Strava.

    Compliments for your great product. I have one simple request.

    Would you please be so kind to add audio cue to your navigation tool. Today it is dangerous to use that tool for navigation: you need to stop (!), grab you phone (!!), figure out where you are as the tool doesn’t synchronize the map with my current location (!!!!), then check where you are, where you should have gone and where you need to go to return to the plotted route.

    It’s simple: you have a superb tool that allows you to create a new route on your PC/Ipad, save it and have it straight on your smartphone. I have looked for such a simple tool for a long time. Now, would you please PLEASE make it useful for the huge race bike community by adding audio cue, PLEASE?

    Recap: I need
    1) to be able to design a route. You have it
    2) to have it on my smart phone. You have it.
    3) to follow the route by listening to audio cue directions. You don’t have it yet 🙂
    4) to return home. You have it.

    To be very honest, I be believe that audio cue would knock many bike apps out. I would skip them all from that point. Today I have to revert to Runkeeper, Google Maps, and analysis tools.

    Kind regards,

    The Netherlands

  • Chris Watkins

    I can’t for the life of me find the “wrench” to delete a route. How on earth do I delete a route?