Train Smart, Track Your Nutrition with MyFitnessPal

As athletes, it’s hard to deny that the fuel we put into our body has a direct correlation to the way we perform. What we eat and drink every day impacts training, recovery and output.

Strava Pro Laurens Ten Dam said it best:

You don’t throw diesel in a Formula One race car. If you’re at a big buffet, you cannot eat all the shit, because you have to race!

In an effort to help you train smarter and track your nutrition, we’ve made it easy to sync your Strava account with MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal allows you to input the food you consume, as well as any activity you do, on a daily basis. Now, when you connect your accounts, your run or ride data, including time, distance and calories, will be sent to your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary. There, you’ll have more visibility into how many calories you need to consume for each day or week, based on your upcoming workout or race schedule.

Get started: Go to Settings on or your mobile device. Select ‘Link Other Services’ and connect to MyFitnessPal.

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  • Sean Lally


  • MattCinMD

    I tried doing this last night. Do you have to actually start an activity in the Strava app or can you use a garmin device and then send it over to myFitnessPal? If you can use a garmin, I don’t know how to transmit the activity to myFitnessPal from Strava, it’s not that clear.

    • Mark Burrows

      it works with my Garmin 800, synch the ride as normal, and the data just automatically appears within 5 minutes or so on MFP.

      I needed to “link” the two accounts (I did it via the website under “social connections” in the My Account pulldown) and after that, once the link has been established things have “just worked” for the last week or so.

  • Steph

    I would, but Strava over-estimates calorie burn so it’s a bit pointless.

    • Andy Waterman

      If Strava over-estimates calories, it’s still more accurate than MFP’s own exercise tools which MASSIVELY over-estimate. I’ve been eating to my Strava+MFP estimates and seem to be losing a little weight, nice and gradually, so it’s working for me. The most useful tool for me is being able to track the macros – when I first started using MFP I realised I really needed to up my protein.

    • James Page

      I’ve used Strava calories into MFP both with and without a power meter. So long as you aren’t riding with a tailwind all the time or sitting in a bunch and not taking any turns, the calorie estimates are within a few percent.

  • Sophie Luther

    Hi it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I linked the two accounts and then uploaded my data as usual to Strava from my Garmin 910XT watch but it doesn’t show in the MFP. It’s been over 24 hours. Any suggestions?

    • Scott D Gilbert

      it only works with the phone app not gps devices.

      • Lindum

        I’m using the phone and 2 years later it still doesn’t work.

  • Colin

    Seams to transfer a different value from Strava to MyFitnesPal. My ride todays says 1282 calorieson Strava but over 1800 calories got sent to MyFitnesPal.

    • Andrew W

      Are you sure you’re not looking at Energy output on Strava instead of ‘calories’. Energy output is the mechanical output of ‘rubber-to-the-road’ where as the ‘calories’ is the nutritionally available energy you need to consume to produce that mechanical output. These are different because metabolising and expending the nutritional energy is not 100 % efficient. Stava doesn’t make the distinction crystal clear, but does calculate reasonably accurately.

  • kris

    regards to (I did it via the website under “social connections” in the My Account pulldown) on which site is this found? thanks

  • Maiman

    Not working in my Nexus 4 android APP. I have synchronized both app through Strava (and this appears in strava app) but then I make a ride, save it, and it doesn’t go to MFP. Should this work?

    • Maiman

      I reply myself: It took a while by finally my ride went through the internet paths to MFP. Cool!

  • Simon Marais

    Ive just linked the 2 apps this morning but the history of strava training is not going over into myfitnesspal.

    Does it take a while to sync up?