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Laurens ten Dam

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Introducing New Personal Heatmaps

You’ve pioneered new roads, put in the miles, and trained hard. Now, show the world what you’ve accomplished by foot and by bike. Premium members, now you can create your own personal heatmaps to visualize the ground you’ve covered around the world. It’s the perfect thing to share with friends.

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A Tour Tribute to LTD, Who ‘Suffered Like A Pig’

We can only imagine what it takes to get to the Tour de France, let alone complete all of the stages and finish at the front of the peloton. In a high pressure race things change quickly; it takes incredible determination and resilience to hold one’s place. And as we saw with Ted King, suffering doesn’t always get you to the Champs Elysees.

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Photo from Belkin Pro Cycling Team

What does it take to be ‘King Of The Mountain’ in Le Tour de France?

The excitement of Le Tour de France really picks up when the riders hit the mountain stages, both for the Pros and spectators alike. We can all watch in awe as the Pros ascend and accelerate up the steep grades, blowing past the crowds, hot on the wheels of the motorcade. But we can only imagine what it is like to be on a bike, at the front of the peloton as the speed kicks up towards the finish line.

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