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Visualise Your Training with Strava

Most athletes don’t just roll out of bed and run a marathon. Training is a major component of being a runner. While it’s not the only piece, it’s increasingly important as you work towards a goal or race.

In addition to our Training Plans for Runners, Strava has a number of valuable tools to help you get the most out of your training and feel confident going into your next race. Our new workout analysis feature allows you dive deeper into an interval workout and analyze your pace zones. The training log allows you to breakdown your workouts, long runs, cross training and racing, giving you a comprehensive look back at your months of prep. And when it comes to race day, if you tag your activity as a race, we give you a unique way to showcase your run and analyze the day.

Take a Closer Look at Your Workout

Workout analysis takes the guesswork out of interval performance with a detailed post-run visualization of your training. Use the laps feature on a GPS device for fartlek workouts, intervals repeats and tempo runs and workout analysis will provide this simple visual representation of your splits, distance, pace and zone for each interval.

After uploading a workout to Strava and labeling it a “workout,” Premium athletes will automatically be taken to the workout analysis view on the activity detail page on Strava.com. In the graph, shades of blue represent intensity. The darker the blue, the harder you were working. Hover over the bars to view your split, time, distance and pace zone for each interval.

Look Back at Your Training Log

The training log provides a simple but comprehensive view of your training across all sports by visually representing weekly workouts. As athletes, we might get frustrated with one bad workout and lose sight of all the training we’ve logged over many months. The training log is an effective way to see your progress over time and reflect on your accomplishments over the past season or year.

All your runs, rides and swims are represented with colored circles on the training log. Runs are green, rides are purple and swims are blue. All other activity types are categorized as cross-training (XT). Hover over a circle to view activity stats and navigate to specific years or months using the menu on the right.

Below you can see Marathon Pro Christian Kreienbühl’s training log leading up to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. It’s impressive to see the consistency and buildup of training over time.


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 15.43.47

Every run has a purpose – most days are easy recovery runs, while a few special days are reserved for long runs, workouts and races. Tagging runs on Strava lets you identify the purpose of each run and makes your training log and activity feed more complete.

Upon uploading a run, select a workout tag when naming or editing your activity. Your training log visualizes tagged runs with different colors to provide a more comprehensive view of your training. Races, workouts and long runs will also be highlighted on your feed, so your friends and followers can give you extra kudos.

To see just your running training log, click on “Run” in the top left. Runs are color-coded by type, so you can easily distinguish between races, long runs and workouts and ensure you’re getting the right balance of hard workouts, races and recovery days. You can also review your weekly training volume by total mileage, time or elevation gain for motivation, regardless of whether you’re base-building, peaking for a marathon or building endurance and strength for a trail race. There’s also something pretty cool about seeing how far, high and long you’ve run over the course of the year!

Break Down Your Race

Race analysis gives you a visual understanding of your race performance. Mile splits are available for shorter races, and long race distances will show splits every 5k. Race analysis helps you understand how well you paced yourself and gives you a visual depiction of how your race went down.

We see Christians’s hard work and focus in the training log, here you can see how it reflected earlier this year at the London Marathon with a strong performance on race day. Kudos!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 15.03.16


STRAVA PREMIUM: Exclusively for all participants of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

We want to make sure all participants of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON make the most out of their race preparation and the help of Strava Premium. Therefore we are offering an exclusive 2 months Strava Premium Trial to all confirmed participants of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. You can simply register here.


If you want even more inspiration for your training or want to get in touch with other participants: check out our BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Race Page and join the community.




Sneak Peak Into Le Tour From Laurens ten Dam

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Nominate a Friend to Race the Leadville Trail 100

The Leadville Trail 100 ‘Race Across the Sky’ was created for the most determined athletes. It’s not just the one hundred miles that makes it unique, but the high altitude and extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies. The views are breathtaking, and the climbing to above 12,000 feet in elevation can be too. It’s not a race for the faint of heart or lungs, but it’s one that many athletes desire to do. Finishers also earn a shiny coveted belt buckle.

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Slide 5 - E

Boston – It’s More Than 26.2

Honoring the Marathon through the Voice of the Strava Community

In honor of a marathon that faced an unexpected and tragic ending, we’d like to pay tribute to Boston through the voice of our community. Almost 350 Strava athletes ran in Boston this year and we want to share their stories. You’ll find their personal recaps about what makes this marathon unique, how the community has come together and what keeps them running.

Below you’ll find one of the many examples, get the full story here >>



1 Million Weekly Activities and Counting

Strava athletes are riding stronger, running faster and gaining momentum around the world. They are setting new goals, kicking up the kilometers and collecting kudos faster than ever before.

Just this week the Strava community achieved something remarkable – 1.2 million activities uploaded in a single week. We find this worthy cause to celebrate and give kudos to all of you.

It’s the motivation, the endurance and the love to suffer that sets Strava apart. Here are some of the awesome things we’ve seen so far in 2013 that deserve a spotlight:

  • Up for the Challenge: Cyclists and runners kicked off the New Year with some serious sweat. Over 55,000 athletes accepted the Base Mile Blast Challenge to ride and run as many miles as they could during the month of January. You’re building a foundation for a record-breaking 2013.

  • Global Playing Field:  Across the world athletes are pushing the limits and clocking in times just like the pros. A collective 246,864 hours were ridden during Giro’s Train like Taylor Challenge and the leaderboard was stacked with riders from Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, the United States and more.

  • Running Strong: In just 3 months runners built up to 26.2 mile strength through the marathon training series. It doesn’t matter to us whether it’s for a sanctioned race or out of the driveway, these runners showed what they are made of. Over 170,000 miles were run during the half marathon, twenty mile long run and marathon challenge.

  • Riding for Good:  Australian cyclist Reid Anderton went above and beyond to show us the good in the cycling community. He quadrupled the kilometers for the Spring Classics Challenge from Specialized, riding 5,273.3 Kilometers (399% of the goal) all to raise funds and awareness for kids living in poverty.

  • Showing Sportsmanship: The community has shown us it’s not just about the time, distance and hard work, but indeed good sportsmanship rises above. Kudos are how the Strava community shows camaraderie and they are doing so with upwards of 76,000 a day.

No matter what country you’re in, what season it is, whether you run on trails or pavement, ride a single speed or have gears, we want to thank you for sharing your adventures with us. It’s not just the kilometers you accumulate or the elevation you gain but the stories you tell and the community you’ve helped us build. Keep up the pace.