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1 Million Weekly Activities and Counting

Strava athletes are riding stronger, running faster and gaining momentum around the world. They are setting new goals, kicking up the kilometers and collecting kudos faster than ever before.

Just this week the Strava community achieved something remarkable – 1.2 million activities uploaded in a single week. We find this worthy cause to celebrate and give kudos to all of you.

It’s the motivation, the endurance and the love to suffer that sets Strava apart. Here are some of the awesome things we’ve seen so far in 2013 that deserve a spotlight:

  • Up for the Challenge: Cyclists and runners kicked off the New Year with some serious sweat. Over 55,000 athletes accepted the Base Mile Blast Challenge to ride and run as many miles as they could during the month of January. You’re building a foundation for a record-breaking 2013.

  • Global Playing Field:  Across the world athletes are pushing the limits and clocking in times just like the pros. A collective 246,864 hours were ridden during Giro’s Train like Taylor Challenge and the leaderboard was stacked with riders from Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, the United States and more.

  • Running Strong: In just 3 months runners built up to 26.2 mile strength through the marathon training series. It doesn’t matter to us whether it’s for a sanctioned race or out of the driveway, these runners showed what they are made of. Over 170,000 miles were run during the half marathon, twenty mile long run and marathon challenge.

  • Riding for Good:  Australian cyclist Reid Anderton went above and beyond to show us the good in the cycling community. He quadrupled the kilometers for the Spring Classics Challenge from Specialized, riding 5,273.3 Kilometers (399% of the goal) all to raise funds and awareness for kids living in poverty.

  • Showing Sportsmanship: The community has shown us it’s not just about the time, distance and hard work, but indeed good sportsmanship rises above. Kudos are how the Strava community shows camaraderie and they are doing so with upwards of 76,000 a day.

No matter what country you’re in, what season it is, whether you run on trails or pavement, ride a single speed or have gears, we want to thank you for sharing your adventures with us. It’s not just the kilometers you accumulate or the elevation you gain but the stories you tell and the community you’ve helped us build. Keep up the pace.


Introducing the Monthly Training Series

We’ll be offering a series of month-long Challenges that present both runners and cyclists with a consistent goal: logging as many kilometers as you can during each calendar month. We’re calling it the Monthly Training Series, and with milestone badges and leaderboards, you’ll have motivation and a chance to compare your efforts against yourself, your friends and even the pros.

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Join the Marathon Training Series

Strava Marathon Training Series

Training for an April Marathon? Looking to build on that January base and crush your PR at Boston or Big Sur or London? Strava is here to support your goals with our upcoming Marathon Training Series!

We want to make sure you have the tools and motivation you need to get to that finish line, set a PR, or run a marathon just for fun. For each of the Challenges in the series, you need to run the required distance in a single activity within the time allotted to make it count.

The Marathon Training Series consists of three individual Challenges, with distances and scheduling designed to align with your existing training calendar:

Marathon Training Series Half Marathon February 2013 Half Marathon (Feb 1-10)
A 13.1 mile test to see where you stand
Marathon Training Series Long Run March 2013 Long Run (Mar 1-10)
Up the miles and prove you’re ready
Marathon Training Series Half Marathon April 2013 Marathon (Apr 6-28)
Translate your training block into a marathon PR! 

Do you have what it takes to complete all three Challenges in the Marathon Training Series? For those runners that do, we’ll make sure you get the recognition from Strava that you deserve (and maybe a little surprise as well).

Sign up for all three Challenges today (half marathon,  long run and marathon), and get your butt out there! You’ve got some running to do…

Tim's Tips for the Cannondale Oktoberfest Challenge


Photo: BrakeThrough Media

Have you joined Cannondale’s Oktoberfest with Tim Johnson Challenge? Are you wondering how in the world you’re possibly going to get all those hours in over the next three weeks?

Tim took a second between races to share a few CX-themed tips for you:

  • CX season is all about using the fitness you’ve built during the spring and summer the right way – make it last! If intervals aren’t your thing then don’t sweat it. Bail on the workout and go cruise into (and through) your local trails. CX bikes are meant to be ridden all over.
  • Bring a real pump (not just CO2’s). You want to have high pressure for the road on a CX bike, but also may want to let some air out for the dirt/gravel/grass/mud you know you’re going to encounter. It only takes a second and can be the difference between liking it and loving it.
  • Looking for an extra chunk of time before the time change? Extend your commuting route to include the path/trail/park/dirt road that MIGHT bring you back out at that road; You know, that road…the one you want to be on to get home… eventually.
  • The difference between a CX bike and a road bike is this: a road bike is made for speed and distance. A CX bike is made for speed and discovery. Discovery of a place, a mindset or a pain level! Don’t let me scare you!

– Tim

We’ve had some solid rides already over the weekend, with over 15,000 hours already logged! What’s your plan for getting the hours in? Cramming some big rides on the weekends? Upping the number of rides per week? Both? Let us know your plans in the comments below!