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Boston Bound: Runners to Follow

Although our team is unable to attend this year, it feels like just the other day when we stood at the start line in Hopkinton handing out gloves. This year more than ever, we want to wish our athletes well.

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Boston – It’s More Than 26.2

Honoring the Marathon through the Voice of the Strava Community

In honor of a marathon that faced an unexpected and tragic ending, we’d like to pay tribute to Boston through the voice of our community. Almost 350 Strava athletes ran in Boston this year and we want to share their stories. You’ll find their personal recaps about what makes this marathon unique, how the community has come together and what keeps them running.

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Run For Boston

The roads we travel, the people we meet, and the challenges we endure connect us. After spending almost two weeks running, riding and socializing with Boston athletes, we feel deeply connected to the community and this week’s events. Like many of you, we can’t stop thinking about April 15 – the highs and lows of that day, how to react and what to do next.

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