Strava + Instagram

For us here at Strava, not every ride and run is about crushing KOMs and CRs. We love to stop once in a while to smell the roses, wait for a friend, crack a joke, or simply enjoy the view. When the view is particularly epic, it’s become pretty natural to take out our phones and share our moments of bliss with our thousands (or tens) of eager Instagram friends and followers.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our integration with Instagram. We think the simplicity of it all is pretty magical: just connect to Instagram from the “Social Connections” section of your Settings page on Strava and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once you’re connected, just do what you’ve already been doing – take amazing pictures during your runs or rides and upload them to Instagram. Be sure to do this during your ride. We can automatically associate your photos with your activities, but only if they were uploaded during the time you were running or riding. We’re not going to be perfect, so we’ve given you the ability to easily remove any Instagram photos from Strava (they will remain on Instagram).

Your photos will show up in the Activity Feed alongside your activity, on your Activity pages, and we’ll even group them and put them on your Profile page (check out Ted King’s profile). Finally, we’ll look back at your Instagram history and see if you took any pictures while you were riding and running in the past and bring them into Strava.

We’re looking forward to seeing so much more than a GPS plot of your runs and rides, so hop on Instagram, pick the perfect filter, and give us a little view of your world!

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  • Tim Walker

    Can this be done from the app?

  • Nick Harvey

    Also, can you figure out a way to manually upload photos afterwards?

    • elsopilote

      Yep, I run remote and can’t upload within the 45 minute window. I’d like to just upload directly to the run once I get home.

    • Nick Moore

      How about if we tag the photo with the activity number from Strava e.g. #262785727 or whatever

  • David Gunter

    Sadly, most of my rides in the mountains – places where I am most likely going to take photos – do not have mobile coverage. How can I get these pictures attached to the ride after-the-fact?

    • Paul Fulbrook

      No problem! At least for me. I regularly ride in areas with no phone coverage (or so poor that the Instagram will not upload). All I do is leave my iPhone on during the ride so that the GPS is working ok, take the picture with the Instagram App, try to upload it (get as far as ‘Share’, leave it on the phone when it says ‘fail’, either try again at a WiFi spot or when back home, preferably trying again before I save my ride on my Garmin. If you get this soon & look on STRAVA you will see the ones I did yesterday on Clee Hill – well out of cell coverage.

      • Nick Moore

        Only works if you can get to cell coverage or WiFi within 45 minutes of finishing the run. Often not possible if you are out in the mountains or somewhere remote.

  • Timothy Takemoto

    Flickr would be nice too.

  • Pham Minh Thanh

    Strava should has auto-pause function, i.e it pause when we get below a certain speed and auto resume when we reach that value

  • André Wheeley

    During a ride I don’t have time to load the Instagram app – only enough to fire the iPhone camera. Instragram ignores the date/time the photo was taken and I regularly can’t or don’t upload until much later. Please provide a manual linking. Perhaps by including the activity number in the Instragram description…?

  • Dale Aceron

    I don’t have Instagram. Has the upload function been updated yet? If not, will it be someday soon?

  • Paul McWilliams

    Cool feature, but it seems to have some glitches. When I open an activity page, I see only a subset of the pictures that are matched to ride. (Maybe I take too many…) In the activity feed, it shows so many thumbnails and a “+X more” box, where X is the total number of pictures that I shared during my ride. Only the photos from the subset are shown on the map. If I click the “+X more” box, I get to the ride page, where I can see only the same subset again. However, if I click one of the photo thumbnails, I can click through all of the photos that matched the ride.

    I also agree with many others: some way to upload and match photos to an activity afterward would be nice.

    • Paul McWilliams

      Another stupid thing about Instagram: if you choose a named place in Instagram when you share a photo, then the photo gets attached to the location where the name is defined, and not the postiion where the photo was actually taken!

  • Simon L

    I really like the Instagram feature, but wouldn’t it make way more sense to link to Strava based on the time the photo was taken (or does Instagram strip this data???). As others have said, it would work much better for when you don’t have Internet access during a ride.

    • The functionality @Simon L describes is what we all expect when we think of “sync” these days. Others have also asked why there is no “share” feature or “link” photo to Strava. There is an “unlink” – but no “link”. Instagram is primarily an iPhone app, why not sync with Flickr, Panarama or Google+ if Instagram can not cope with modern sync features?

  • Don Woodford

    Too bad this feature doesn’t actually work.

  • Simon von Utrecht

    What about videos?

  • Cathy

    Is there a setting, maybe in Instragram, to ensure that the photos taken will appear overlaid on the map of the ride? I have seen this with some others but can’t figure out how to make that happen.


  • Brian

    I have tried to link photos from walks to a Strava activity, but there is no ‘add photo’ icon on the Strava activity screen. I am using a Samsung S4. I have deleted the old version of Strava and downloaded the latest. Any clues as to why the icon is not there? I have downloaded Instagram and logged in, but there is no Strava account to link. There is fB, Twitter etc etc…

  • David Harbottle

    Useless feature: it won’t allow photo upload (of photos taken during a Strava activity) after the activity finishes (i.e. when I have internet access). Please sort it.

  • Heather Mora

    I tried this today. Finished getting it onto Instagram within 30 minutes of finishing my run (I thought) and it still didn’t work. Maybe I took longer than that? Bummer. Wish it would give a longer window maybe. Or obviously, manual upload would be great too.

  • Mark Moko

    It is amazing how unresponsive Strava development team are to their customers who would like upload their pictures to Strava directly rather than having to open an instagram account, and then use it to upload pictures. I wonder how long it will be before another more responsive app replaces Strava…….

  • I use a dedicated camera then sync my Garmin track to the EXIF data of the photo, then upload the photos to Instagram. As a result, the pics taken during a ride are not linked to my Strava. Battery on the phone is reserved for emergency calls so I don’t turn on the Camera app, data or WiFi connection during a ride.

  • Sean

    Does this only work if I’m tracking the ride using the Strava app, or will it work if I track the ride using my Garmin, then upload to Strava via cable later?

  • SaferdrivingVictoria

    I think Strava need to go back to the drawing board and create a system that is reliable…..

  • richard perry

    hi all richard here. after reading through what people where saying about there pics not going on strava from instergram. well i tuck a great pic and i didnt have my internet on at the time and after a while the pic came onto my strava page so i was happy. i would say give it time or wait till your home and your pics will go us at some point guys.

  • Linda Stuurman

    I’m having the same “issue” as some others have with this feature … I use a Garmin Edge to record my rides (incl heartrate and cadence which I simply can’t track with my phone), but my Garmin doesn’t have an Instagram app, nor can it take pictures. It’d be nice to attach photos to an activity that’s been recorded with another device…

  • Born2Run

    I managed to uplaload a few pictures over Instagram to Strava yesterday and they were visible.
    Today they’re gone… I tried to un-/reconnect to both Instagram / Strava but my pics don’t appear in Strava anymore 🙁

  • darrylxxx

    Now that Strava have their own Photo service, is there a way to import all the connected Instagram photos so I can dump my Instagram account (I despise Facebook’s creepiness the much!)?

  • Michael Downey

    Why does Strava completely ignore these posts? They do it all the time in the help area also. Why allow comments if they don’t care to look at them and respond? Really crappy customer service

  • When I say the photo on instagram be displayed on strava’s activities, I totally don’t know why and how. finally I found this page, what’s a gorgeous features! well done!

  • Ms. D

    How do I remove all of the photos from Strava using web browser? I really didn’t want Strava to go back in my history and post photos for me from Instagram.