Strava + Instagram

For us here at Strava, not every ride and run is about crushing KOMs and CRs. We love to stop once in a while to smell the roses, wait for a friend, crack a joke, or simply enjoy the view. When the view is particularly epic, it’s become pretty natural to take out our phones and share our moments of bliss with our thousands (or tens) of eager Instagram friends and followers.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our integration with Instagram. We think the simplicity of it all is pretty magical: just connect to Instagram from the “Social Connections” section of your Settings page on Strava and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once you’re connected, just do what you’ve already been doing – take amazing pictures during your runs or rides and upload them to Instagram. Be sure to do this during your ride. We can automatically associate your photos with your activities, but only if they were uploaded during the time you were running or riding. We’re not going to be perfect, so we’ve given you the ability to easily remove any Instagram photos from Strava (they will remain on Instagram).

Your photos will show up in the Activity Feed alongside your activity, on your Activity pages, and we’ll even group them and put them on your Profile page (check out Ted King’s profile). Finally, we’ll look back at your Instagram history and see if you took any pictures while you were riding and running in the past and bring them into Strava.

We’re looking forward to seeing so much more than a GPS plot of your runs and rides, so hop on Instagram, pick the perfect filter, and give us a little view of your world!

  • Tim Walker

    Can this be done from the app?

  • Nick Harvey

    Also, can you figure out a way to manually upload photos afterwards?

    • elsopilote

      Yep, I run remote and can’t upload within the 45 minute window. I’d like to just upload directly to the run once I get home.

  • David Gunter

    Sadly, most of my rides in the mountains – places where I am most likely going to take photos – do not have mobile coverage. How can I get these pictures attached to the ride after-the-fact?

    • Paul Fulbrook

      No problem! At least for me. I regularly ride in areas with no phone coverage (or so poor that the Instagram will not upload). All I do is leave my iPhone on during the ride so that the GPS is working ok, take the picture with the Instagram App, try to upload it (get as far as ‘Share’, leave it on the phone when it says ‘fail’, either try again at a WiFi spot or when back home, preferably trying again before I save my ride on my Garmin. If you get this soon & look on STRAVA you will see the ones I did yesterday on Clee Hill – well out of cell coverage.

  • Timothy Takemoto

    Flickr would be nice too.