A Tour Rest Day chat with Laurens Ten Dam

The Team Belkin rider just climbed his way in to the top ten in the GC, see what is going through his mind as he neared Paris.

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Five Climbs that will Decide the Tour

Of all the climbs in this year's Tour, these are the segments that will help to shape the final selection.


How To Prepare for Riding 100K

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Inside the Minds of Western States Runners

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The Roads to Rapha Tempest

In total 4,767 participants made 8,888 attempts at the challenge, riding 15,000 miles and climbing almost 4.5 million feet.


Train Smart, Track Your Nutrition with MyFitnessPal

As athletes, it’s hard to deny that the fuel we put into our body has a direct correlation to the way we perform.

Pedaling Powerfully as One

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Make Time to Fondo

150,000 athletes around the world have joined a Gran Fondo Challenge this year. We’ve heard stories of epic climbs, new territory being conquered, and camaraderie on the bike.

What Will You Prove?

Every mile tells a story. Of hope, endurance, passion and desire. Stories of muscles wanting to quit. Minds refusing to head. Stories of bravery. Stories of triumph. Pain and pleasure. Proving your efforts. Proving your commitments. Proves you are crazy. Proves to others and yourself. That you are out here doing exactly what you love to do.