What’s Your Best Effort? See how it Compares

With our new Effort Comparison tool, we make it easy to compare a recent effort to your personal best, or your personal best effort to the leader on the segment.


Taking on your first Grand Tour

Young Spanish rider Carlos Verona shares his perspective on just what it takes to ride a grand tour whilst he takes his place in the peloton at possibly the most anticipated Vuelta a España ever.

In Search of a Tunnel in the Sky

We went searching for a mythical tunnel in the Alps after a snowstorm… and learned a few Gran Fondo do’s and don'ts in the process.

9 Tips for Climbing Like a Pro

Accomplish your goal and conquer climbing like a pro with these tips from Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach.


Ciao Italia

Whether you speak Italian or not, we invite you to venture into Italy with us.

dark road

Cruising Altitude – Rapha Rising Reflection

Ryan Page is one of the athletes that shocked himself by completing the challenge he never thought he could do.


On top of the world, Everesting

Two Strava athletes take on the ultimate test of climbing, summiting Everest, at 8,848m. They recount their 17 hour journey up Firle Beacon 68 times.


The Dunwich Dynamo – A Gran Fondo Story

At root, the Dynamo is a kind of anarcho-gran-fondo for the masses, not just the mamils, the racers or the hardcore sportivistes.

The Tour through the Eyes of Ted King

Although he is no longer in the Peloton, Ted was kind enough to share his perspective on the Tour with only a few stages to go.

What Will You Prove?

Every mile tells a story. Of hope, endurance, passion and desire. Stories of muscles wanting to quit. Minds refusing to head. Stories of bravery. Stories of triumph. Pain and pleasure. Proving your efforts. Proving your commitments. Proves you are crazy. Proves to others and yourself. That you are out here doing exactly what you love to do.