Ronaldo Repeats

This workout was developed from training with Ronaldo da Costa back when he set the marathon world record in 1998.


Insult to Injury: Laurens ten Dam’s Honest Tour Update

After two week's in to the Tour de France, Laurens ten Dam provides an honest account of the race and how much he is suffering.


Tradition and the Tour

Some criticise the Tour for being hidebound to tradition, but it is gestures like including the Pra Loup in honour of Merckx, which make the race special.


Rituals, Practices, and Customs of the Peloton

Although Ted King is not racing the Tour de France this year, the Cannodale-Garmin cycling team rider was kind enough to provide an inside perspective on how things really work in the peloton.


3rd’s Progression Run

This workout engrains the idea of starting controlled, picking it up across the run and finishing strong – the same strategy that will lead to your best racing.


Tour de France Update from Laurens ten Dam

So far, this Tour de France has been a little bit frustrating for LTD. Hear about the first nine stages and how he is refocussing on the mountains.

Gruber x Strava

Jered and Ashley Gruber spend ten months of the year on the road, photographing pro cyclists and discovering Europe by bicycle. We’re proud to share their immersive look at the European racing experience, from the nastiest cobbled climbs to their favorite bike-friendly bakeries and coffee stops.

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