Need to Bulk Upload? We Got It.

We’re pleased to report that we’ve updated our web uploading interface to accommodate bulk uploading! You can now select 25 MB worth of files at one time for uploading on Strava. The data will upload to Strava in one click.  Here’s how to upload your rides and runs in bulk quickly and easily:
  1. Log in to and click the orange “Upload Activity” button.
  2. Choose the second option on the upload page, “Upload a file from your computer.”
  3. Browse to the local folder (or press the Shift key down and select multiple folders at a time) that you wish to upload.

After all your files have uploaded, you can view them all by visiting Training and selecting the My New Activities tab. Enjoy!

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  • Ross

    How do I upload more than 25 files at a time?
    I have over 1000 tracks from another service which I would like to upload.