Keep Track of Your Favorites with Starred Segments

Today we’ve released Starred Segments, a new feature that will allow you to keep track of your favorite segments.  You can star (or favorite) segments in a variety of places on activity pages, segment pages, as well as on the segment search page.

To keep tabs on all those stars, we’ve created a Starred Segment page, accessible via the My Segments tab on the Dashboard. On the Starred Segment page you’ll see a list of all the segments you’ve starred along with data like category, distance, elevation difference, and average grade.  You’ll also see the times for the KOM/QOM/CR times, as well as your own PR and goal for the segment.

Starring a segment is easy. You’ll see a star icon next to a segment name. Simply press it to star the segment (turning it orange). If you change your mind, press the star again (turning it back to gray). So start starring segments and never lose track of your favorites again.

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  • Claire Beck Mather

    is there a way of viewing starred segments on a map?

  • WisSkier

    Do I have to ride a segment before starring it? I am eyeing up segments in Cebu I want to ride the next time I’m there and it would be helpful for me to star those.

  • Tom

    How do you turn a starred segment into a route?