Ciao Italia

We are continually impressed by the activities popping up all over the world by Strava athletes. We see you all working hard, climbing mountains in France, covering long distances in Spain and logging countless hours in Italy. Although we wish we could speak, function and operate in every language we’ve been working hard to get the experience right for each one. We are pleased to add Italian to the growing list of native experiences on

Italian cycling culture has long been admired around the world due to its unrivalled heritage and the passion and skill of some of its most famous sons. Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali presided over Italian cycling’s true golden age during the 1930s to the 1950s when they dominated the sport of road cycling.

GrandeGiro_Challenge-2We’ve teamed up with Campagnolo to celebrate and honor their recent victories in the Tour and Giro with the Grande Giro Challenge. Attempt your own version of a Grand Tour by riding 1,000 km in 30 days starting August 16th.

We’ve always strived to innovate so that our athletes can improve, and we see a lot of similarities in what Strava does. We welcome them to Italy on behalf of athletes here. – Joshua Riddle, Campagnolo.

Whether you speak Italian or not, we invite you to venture into Italy with us. Strava Designer Bradley Hughes journeyed to Italy to photograph Strava athletes riding and running their favorite routes with photographer Emiliano Granado. Scroll down to see these absolutely breathtaking photos.

20140509_Strava_0220On our first full day in Italy, Joshua Riddle from Campagnolo took us for an evening ride around the outer edge of Vincenza, in the Veneto region. He was our guide for the week, a generous host and an excellent cyclist.

20140511_Strava_2773Michele, a talented triathlete from Adria, stretching before a run in Chioggia.

20140510_Strava_0836Joshua, Michele and Arriana, local athletes and 3 of our stars for the week, climb the hills outside Bassano del Grappa.


20140510_Strava_1080Higher up, the cyclists enjoyed beautiful views of the foothills of the Italian Alps.

20140510_Strava_1491Carlo (left) and Massimo (locals to this region) get a moment of relief from the hot sun in a mountainside tunnel.

20140511_Strava_3058Valentina (a local Personal Trainer) was one of the many runners on the floating city of Chioggia. The alleyways and tunnels felt like Venice, but without all the tourists.

20140510_Strava_2351Carlo and Steve wind through a classic Italian mountain town – seen here in Mazze.

20140511_Strava_4350Valentina running along a canal.

20140512_Strava_5126Davide (left) and Carlo climbing out of Riva del Garda, a small village located on the north side of Italy’s largest lake.

photo1Sometimes photographers do strange things to get the shot they want.

20140512_Strava_5178Davide taking a moment in the sun.

20140511_Strava_4727On the coast of the Mediterranean.

20140512_Strava_5342One of the more stunning views on a common route around Lago de Garda.



20140512_Strava_5383More climbing outside of the small town Limone Sul Garda.

20140512_Strava_6547Valentina running along Lago de Garda.

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  • Great trip ! It could be awesome if you organised rides with your users when you travel like that. For example, I’m in Toulouse, and you were in the Pyrénées few weeks ago, I would loved to ride with you…
    Keep up the good work 😉