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What’s in Your Trophy Case?

Until now there hasn’t been a place to showcase your accomplishments. The newest Premium feature, Trophy Case, displays all of your completed challenges together on one page.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 4.06.54 PM
Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 4.06.54 PM

Access The Sufferfest Indoor Training Videos

When the weather keeps you from getting outside, it’s time to log a workout on your indoor trainer. And now you have extra motivation to make your indoor training count. We’re excited to be partnering with The Sufferfest to offer our Premium members access to monthly training videos designed to help you stay fit, reach peak performance, and meet your goals.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.00.23 AM
Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.00.23 AM

Introducing New Personal Heatmaps

You’ve pioneered new roads, put in the miles, and trained hard. Now, show the world what you’ve accomplished by foot and by bike. Premium members, now you can create your own personal heatmaps to visualize the ground you’ve covered around the world. It’s the perfect thing to share with friends.

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Routes are here!

The heart of the new Routes feature is the Route Builder. The power behind this tool is the use of real athlete data, which helps recommend the best roads and trails around the world that runners and cyclists use most often.

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Run Activity Page Updates and Improvements

In April, we released the new run Activity Page view. As part of this effort we spoke to many of you and incorporated your needs and experiences as runners into this new view. Get more background about this effort and redesign here.

Since then, we’ve been working hard to address your suggestions, feedback and concerns surrounding the new run Activity Page view. We really appreciate your help and collaboration as we work to make Strava Run an awesome experience.

Moving Time for Web and Mobile: We have fine-tuned the resting and moving time for runners and calculate moving time in two ways:

  1. Strava will detect when you are resting and will automatically pause your run. Your Resting Time will be removed from your Moving Time so that your pace is as accurate as possible. Runners who run in urban settings (that stop often at intersections) will likely see this improvement the most.

  1. If you choose to pause your run activity manually on your Garmin watch, we will honor that choice and represent your Moving Time according to the time and pace shown on your GPS device.

Elapsed Time: For all runs that are NOT tagged as “Races”, we now filter resting time out of both pace analysis and the overview chart. “Races” will continue to show all elapsed time including resting, since races are a competitive effort. Segment efforts will also continue to display elapsed time.

Grade Adjusted Pace (GAP):  GAP estimates a pace equivalent to running on flat land. With our latest work to improve GAP accuracy, you can now compare your effort on hilly and flat runs more easily and precisely. The calculation of GAP was inspired by work done by C.T.M. Davies studying environmental effects on running. Learn more about the work that’s been done to improve the GAP accuracy here.


Laps are available to both free and Premium athletes on Strava.com. When you press the lap button on your Garmin during a workout, Strava gives you data about each of your laps in an easy-to-read chart on your Activity Page. Check out Distance, Time, Pace and Elevation Change for each lap. Hover over a lap to see your effort on the map above. When you click on a specific lap, the map and elevation/performance chart zoom to that section of your run.

Splits: We have improved the split and map interactivity, making your run easier to scan and your split effort easier to analyze. For Premium members looking at their Pace Analysis page, we’ve added Pace, GAP and Elevation Change data to the split chart. When you click on a specific split, the map to the left highlights and zooms to that section of your run.

Segment List: Your full list of matched segments from your run is now displayed. Easily click into a specific segment to see how you did and where you stack up.

Best Efforts Will Remain in Strava Run
Many runners have requested that Best Efforts remain in the Strava Run experience. (This was a feature we considered removing due to accuracy issues.) Best Effort inaccuracy is related to bad GPS data and there is no way to make Best Efforts absolutely accurate given the varying quality of GPS data that we receive. Due to this, we will be renaming this feature “Estimated Best Efforts” so that it’s more clear that Best Efforts are not official. In the future, you will be able to manually set your PRs at various race distances. As we strive for fairness and the highest quality standard for data accuracy, we will be continuing to improve Estimated Best Efforts while also integrating more intelligence around the PRs you achieve.

We’re Listening…Here’s What’s To Come
Our response time to your questions and concerns wasn’t nearly fast enough and I apologize for this, but we have been listening and reading every piece of feedback and working hard to address many feature improvements. In the coming months we will be adding back the ability to zoom, adding distance/time toggles to the performance graphs, and separating performance graph data so that Heart Rate, Pace, GAP and Cadence, if applicable, will be visualized on their own separate y-axis. We will communicate these updates as they get implemented.

Half of us are runners here at Strava and we are committed to creating the best Run experience in the world. Thanks again for all the passionate feedback that helped drive this round of changes and we hope you enjoy these updates and improvements.



Real-time Segments for Android and iPhone is Here

Real-time Segments gives Premium members their segment times instantly and removes the wait — see the day’s leaderboard and where you stand immediately after completing the segment. Settle any debates with friends about your times while you catch your breath at the end of a big push.

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New Run Activity Page + Pace Analysis for Premium Members

Great news, runners: your new run activity page on Strava.com is now live. We spoke to tons of you about what’s important when viewing your activities and those of others, and have incorporated your needs and experiences as runners into this new page. Get more background around our redesigned run activity pages here.

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Coming Soon: Your New Run Activity Page + Premium Pace Analysis

In just a couple of days, you will notice some big changes to the way your run activities appear on Strava.com. In the following weeks, we will release our new cycling activity pages as we aim to deliver an experience both runners and cyclists will love.

Here’s a bit of background around our redesigned run activity pages:

Every Run Has a Story
We’ve spoken to tons of you about what’s important when viewing your activities and those of others, and have incorporated your needs and experiences as runners into this new page. Here’s what’s new:

  • Social Bar: We added a social bar to the top of the page, putting your activity title, description, comments, kudos, Instagram photos, and other athletes on your run front and center.


  • Sharing Module:  Easily share your run to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or embed in your blog from the sharing module located at the top, left-hand corner of the page.

  • Key Stats: Distance, time, average pace and elevation are located between the Social Bar and Elevation & Performance Chart. Your mile/km splits from your run are located on the right-hand side of your activity map.

  • Elevation & Performance Chart: We’ve vastly improved the visual interaction for reviewing and scrubbing all your activity details. Use the cursor to look at your pace, elevation, grade adjusted pace and grade at any point during your run.

  • Segment Efforts, Stats & Comparison: We’ve optimized the Segment Efforts within your activity so you can quickly scan your most meaningful achievements. We display key stats of your effort along with your leaderboard ranking. And when you’re looking at another athlete’s segment effort, you’ll be able to compare your PR against theirs.

Premium Race Analysis: See your race results like never before
Layered on top of the new run activity page is Strava’s Premium Analysis, available now to Premium members for just $6 per month or $59 per year. In addition to Pace Distribution and Heart Rate Analysis, runners can now tag their run as a “Race,” giving runners interactive and granular pace data at every point during the race, including:

  • A pace bar graph showing your pace fluctuation, as well as your mile/km trends

  • Visualization of your meaningful race splits, such as 5K splits for a marathon

  • Pace scrubbing data to analyze every critical point during the race

  • Projected finish time data based on your performance throughout the race

  • Finish flag with the finishing time, signifying the race achievement

Whether you have a goal to finish your first half, or qualifying for the Boston Marathon, Race Analysis lets you understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as visualize critical points during a race that changed the outcome of your finish time.  Upgrade to Premium and see your race performance in all its glory.