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Ted King’s Epic Gent-Wevelgem Race Story

A personal story of racing through yet another nameless Belgian hamlet in what Ted King would easily classify as the craziest race he has ever experienced.


Tempo: Rolling Fast, Pedaling Slow

As a result of the controlled intensity and relatively low cadence Tempo intervals feel pretty easy at the start of the workout, but they get more challenging as they progress.


What’s Your Snore Score?

Any coach will tell you that to improve, rest is even more important than your training. That's why we're introducing something new, targeting that critical part of the performance equation.


Climbing Repeats for Developing Power

To get faster and stronger on climbs it makes sense to spend more time climbing hills, doing Climbing Repeats can help you develop greater climbing power at lactate threshold.


Accelerate Faster with the High Speed Sprints

When you’re trying to win a local criterium or set a new record on a favorite segment, adding High Speed Sprints to your training makes a huge difference.

Cycling Workout: 60-Minute SteadyState Intervals

SteadyState Intervals aren’t sexy, but you’d be hard pressed to find a workout that’s more effective for making you faster on the bike.


Cycling Workout: Descending Intervals

Descending Intervals can help you get faster at your favorite segments and they’re also excellent preparation for races like criteriums and cyclocross that have many short, high-power efforts with little or no recovery between them.


Cycling Workout of the Week: #PowerIntervals

To give you a little taste of the daily workouts you’ll find in our Premium Training Plans, we’ve worked with the coaches who designed them to bring you a free workout.

Willkommen in Rasts Revier

Die «Heatmap» des Trek Factory Profis legt‘s offen: Gregy Rasts Trainingsgebiet liegt im Herzen der Schweiz. Und mitten in seinem Revier findet am 13./14. Juni 2015 das Startwochenende der Tour de Suisse statt. Weite Teile der Renn-Strecke kennt Rast im Schlaf. Es regnet. Sintflutartig. Gregy Rast betritt das Dorfcafé Nussbaumer und grüsst die Bedienung. Ein …