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Finding My Sisu: a Suunto Runner’s Story

For some mid challenge motivation, Suunto athlete and Strava run pro Matt Flaherty shares a personal reflection from preparing for and finishing his best ultra marathon race ever.

Eat Like a Pro: Ted King’s Simple Advice

Ted King shares some simple yet extremely valuable advice about the food you eat to fuel yourself for the long days in the saddle.


Watch out for these Women in the Climbing Challenge

We've got a number of Strava pros lined up for the polka dot jersey. Here’s our guide for some riders to watch over the course of the week.


Do’s and Don’ts for Triathletes on Strava

Jesse Thomas has been using Strava regularly now for over 2 years as a professional triathlete, see what he has to say about using it for training.


Boston Bound: Runners to Follow

Although our team is unable to attend this year, it feels like just the other day when we stood at the start line in Hopkinton handing out gloves. This year more than ever, we want to wish our athletes well.


Climb Your Way to Rapha Tempest

Storm up some of England’s most famous ascents and win tickets. The world’s greatest cycling race, the Tour de France, will be sweeping into England in July, and Strava will be celebrating by joining Rapha at Tempest Festival in Yorkshire.


Team Strava at the London Marathon

Strava followed the race by bike, stopping in the best spots to watch the race, soak up the sun (a rare treat for Londoners) and enjoy seeing London in its best light, with runners rather than traffic clogging up the roads.


Strengthen Your Core with FitStar

Whether you’re a climber or a sprinter, the Strava Core Challenge will get you ready to ride with a high intensity workout that’s all about explosiveness and power.

The Gravel Gran Fondo

Routes were studied, contemplated and discarded again and again. This ride couldn’t be done. The roads were not conducive to riding.