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Willkommen in Rasts Revier

Die «Heatmap» des Trek Factory Profis legt‘s offen: Gregy Rasts Trainingsgebiet liegt im Herzen der Schweiz. Und mitten in seinem Revier findet am 13./14. Juni 2015 das Startwochenende der Tour de Suisse statt. Weite Teile der Renn-Strecke kennt Rast im Schlaf. Es regnet. Sintflutartig. Gregy Rast betritt das Dorfcafé Nussbaumer und grüsst die Bedienung. Ein …


Run with us in NYC

Meet us for a run, coffee or stop by our van to say hello. See our schedule and get to know some of the amazing athletes who will be running the marathon.

Tri Training: Five Weeks to Worlds

Jesse Thomas shares his training and lessons learned in the weeks leading up to the Half Ironman World Championships.


Tim Van Berkel’s Road to Kona

Ironman isn’t just a walk in the park. See how Tim's prepped for the biggest triathlon day in the world.


Your Leaderboard Nemesis May Be Your Next Best Friend  

Alain Rumpf shares a story about how he and his soon-to-be wife have found riding friends through Strava in Switzerland.

La Vuelta: Race Report from Carlos Verona

He has experienced a crash, managed some testing conditions, held his own in a breakaway and discovered the importance of nutrition, rest and recovery.

9 Tips for Climbing Like a Pro

Accomplish your goal and conquer climbing like a pro with these tips from Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach.


Ciao Italia

Whether you speak Italian or not, we invite you to venture into Italy with us.

The Tour through the Eyes of Ted King

Although he is no longer in the Peloton, Ted was kind enough to share his perspective on the Tour with only a few stages to go.