Annie Vranizan

Advocacy and Communications Manager.

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Inside the Minds of Western States Runners

Ultra runners might be a bit crazy but their feats of endurance are something to pay attention to.


Train Smart, Track Your Nutrition with MyFitnessPal

As athletes, it’s hard to deny that the fuel we put into our body has a direct correlation to the way we perform.

Get to Leadville by Showing Your Dedication to Dirt

Show your dedication by telling us a story about when you thought you were going to quit and overcame the challenge.


Strava Rides the Pirineus Orientals

Unknown roads, huge vistas and challenging climbs -- no wonder the Pyrenees mountains draw so many cyclists from around the world.

A Work in Progress

This week during the Ride on Chicago we met Richard Fries, a journalist, race announcer, advisor to PeopleForBikes and self-proclaimed cycling evangelist.


Tim Johnson, Why Do You Ride?

Strava Pro, cyclocross National Champion, PeopleforBikes advocate and the fearless leader of the Ride on Chicago answers a simple question for us: Why do you ride bikes?


Discover a New Route, Follow It from Your Phone

Using real athlete data to recommend the best roads and trails around the world, the Route Builder lets you create running and cycling routes that fit your preferences and goals.

Show Your Dedication to Dirt along the Road to Leadville

Show your dedication to dirt by posting a photo to Instagram along with a Haiku and be entered for the race of your choice.

Finding My Sisu: a Suunto Runner’s Story

For some mid challenge motivation, Suunto athlete and Strava run pro Matt Flaherty shares a personal reflection from preparing for and finishing his best ultra marathon race ever.