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More Power to Ya!

This workout allows you to learn first hand that you DO have more to give by pushing you to do some explosive running after a tough tempo run, hence the name.


Georgetown 400’s

Many runners find it hard to find their tempo run pace – that in between pace that’s hard but not too hard and easy but not too easy. This workout will help.


Vigil Miles

Coach Joe Vigil is arguably the best running coach the US has ever had. This workout is one he prescribes often and like him, it asks a lot of you but gives much in return.

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Britain’s Ready for a New Queen of the Mountain

The second Women's Tour of Britain starts on Wednesday 17th June, and Strava is again partnering with the race to award the Queen of the Mountains competition.

Lead-In Overview

Meet Your London Local Influencers

Get to know Strava’s best runners and cyclists in our favorite cities, connecting athletes and keeping the scene strong.


The Power it Takes to Ride Tour of California

Together with Quarq, we followed Axeon Cycling Team during the event and gathered some unique insight into their efforts.


Light & Fresh 400s

To give you a feel for what you’ll get in a Training Plan, we’ve asked Greg McMillan and his team to share a favorite workout.


Training Plans for Runners with Coach Greg McMillan

Before starting a plan we thought you might like to get to know Greg and learn about his background, approach and what inspires him to coach.


Strava Local: Smart City Guides for Runners and Cyclists

Strava Local combines your favorite routes and destinations with similar activities from our millions of athletes, then distills that data to reveal the best running and cycling adventures in the world.