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Advocacy and Communications Manager.

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On Our Way to $50K: CAF Challenge Update

As a collective we’ve raised over $44,000, which means we are eighty five percent of the way to reaching our $50,000 goal.

Tri Training: Five Weeks to Worlds

Jesse Thomas shares his training and lessons learned in the weeks leading up to the Half Ironman World Championships.


Tim Van Berkel’s Road to Kona

Ironman isn’t just a walk in the park. See how Tim's prepped for the biggest triathlon day in the world.


Your Leaderboard Nemesis May Be Your Next Best Friend  

Alain Rumpf shares a story about how he and his soon-to-be wife have found riding friends through Strava in Switzerland.


Ride and Run for Challenged Athletes

We’re partnering with GU Energy to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF).

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Prove it to Yourself: Set a Weekly Goal

With the latest update to our mobile app, you can set weekly goals and track your progress on the go.

La Vuelta: Race Report from Carlos Verona

He has experienced a crash, managed some testing conditions, held his own in a breakaway and discovered the importance of nutrition, rest and recovery.


What’s Your Best Effort? See how it Compares

With our new Effort Comparison tool, we make it easy to compare a recent effort to your personal best, or your personal best effort to the leader on the segment.

9 Tips for Climbing Like a Pro

Accomplish your goal and conquer climbing like a pro with these tips from Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach.