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Accelerate Faster with the High Speed Sprints

When you’re trying to win a local criterium or set a new record on a favorite segment, adding High Speed Sprints to your training makes a huge difference.

Cycling Workout: 60-Minute SteadyState Intervals

SteadyState Intervals aren’t sexy, but you’d be hard pressed to find a workout that’s more effective for making you faster on the bike.


Cycling Workout: Descending Intervals

Descending Intervals can help you get faster at your favorite segments and they’re also excellent preparation for races like criteriums and cyclocross that have many short, high-power efforts with little or no recovery between them.


Cycling Workout of the Week: #PowerIntervals

To give you a little taste of the daily workouts you’ll find in our Premium Training Plans, we’ve worked with the coaches who designed them to bring you a free workout.


The Story Behind Matched Runs

Dive into the active mind of Strava engineer and avid runner – Steve Lloyd and hear how the idea came to life.


New Year, New Achievements

We’re starting 2015 with clean leaderboards and annual achievements. This gives everyone a chance to start the year fresh.


What Is Your Strava Story?

This year we want to commemorate your personal achievements, so we’re making you a personalized highlights reel.


Behind the Scenes with Elle Anderson

We want to give you an inside look at her role within our team and her experience so far in Belgium.

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How Many Runs Have You Matched?

Matched Runs pulls together all the activities you’ve completed on the same route and shows your progress over time.