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Share Your Athletic Accomplishments

To help you showcase your athletic history, we’ve released a much needed update to our logged-out athlete pages.


Where Will Strava Routes Take You?

Using real athlete data to recommend the best roads and trails around the world, the Route Builder lets you create running and cycling routes that fit your preferences and goals, whether you’re trying to hit the most segments or go for the most (or least!) elevation.


Routes are here!

The heart of the new Routes feature is the Route Builder. The power behind this tool is the use of real athlete data, which helps recommend the best roads and trails around the world that runners and cyclists use most often.

Keep Track of Your Favorites with Starred Segments

To keep tabs on all those stars, we’ve created a Starred Segment page, accessible via the My Segments tab on the Dashboard. On the Starred Segment page you’ll see a list of all the segments you’ve starred along with data like category, distance, elevation difference, and average grade.

New Premium Feature: Weekly Progress Goals

Premium members, now you can set time and distance goals and track your progress! This first iteration of Progress Goals allows you to work towards your milestones week to week. Available on your dashboard, use the drop-down menu next to “Weekly Progress” to select a Running Only, Cycling Only, or both a Running & Cycling …

New Premium Feature: GPX Download Functionality

Premium members, discover great routes on and download them to your Garmin. If you have a Garmin 800, 605, or 705, getting a GPX file on your device is easy. On any activity page you’re viewing, you’ll now see a “GPX Download” button located at the top-right corner of the activity’s map. Click this …

New Premium Feature: Suffer Score, Now with Custom Heart Rate Zones

Premium members, get the most out of your heart rate monitor and train more intelligently! Now you can set your custom heart rate zones to quantify your suffering, monitor your training load, and dial into your workouts.

Strava X-Features Released Into the Wild

Innovation and experimentation are incredibly important to the Strava Team, so much so that we spend two full days each month working on our own projects and investigating new ideas. We call this coveted time a Strava Jam. The output of a Strava Jam could be anything from a t-shirt or infographic design to a …