Max Leonard

Author of 'Lanterne Rouge: the Last Man in the Tour de France', and other books about cycling. Pathologically unable to stay in one place.

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Steven Abraham’s Year-long Time Trial

Taking on the 75-year-old record he has set himself an almost incomprehensible challenge to be the new holder of the record for the furthest distance ever cycled in one year.

London Heathrow Departure

Seven Marathons, Seven Continents, Seven Days

A group of six friends are embarking on a mammoth adventure – running seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.

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Our Present to You: The 2014 Festive 500

Give your legs the greatest gift this holiday and ride 500 kilometres between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.


Our Guide to Winter Training

It can be difficult to force yourself out when you’d rather be in front of the fire or in a nice cosy bar. Here’s some inspiration to keep riding over the winter.


Kílian Jornet promises to take Strava to new heights…

We chatted with Kílian to find out more about his passions, philosophy and plans for 2015, see what he had to say.


Our new King of the Mountains

There’s a new Strava Pro in the ranks… and he’s taking running to places it’s never been before. Literally.


The Great Sou’wester Fondo

Hide away from the bad weather and pretend autumn isn’t happening? Not us!


Cycling Pros: the Highlights, 2014

This year, some of the world’s greatest bike races were captured on Strava… here’s a review of what Strava Pros achieved in 2014.


Eight Unknown Segments Around Alpe d’Huez

Discover the beautiful and equally challenging climbs just around the corner for the iconic Alpe d’Huez.