Max Leonard

Author of 'Lanterne Rouge: the Last Man in the Tour de France', and other books about cycling. Pathologically unable to stay in one place.

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Why the Giro has the Toughest Climbs

Secrets from the Race Director on how he plans a thrilling stage, and what to watch out for this year.


The Segments of the Hell of the North

Strava might have taken the segment into the mountains, but it’s arguable that segments were invented a whole lot earlier.


Digging for Good

Combining adventure, teamwork and community support with urban running.


A Berlin Forest Fondo

Discover the best roads the Brandenburg countryside has to offer with this local route.

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A Guide to Climbing in Mallorca

Riders from across the continent flock to the small Spanish island in the Mediterranean, to ride its amazing roads and climbs, and give their early-season form a boost.


Open Season: The Pros Train and Race in AUS

The Tour Down Under in Adelaide, Australia, is becoming an ever-more important first stop – and many teams use the trip to the southern summer to fit in some good-weather training.


Steve Abraham: “I’ve decided to stop”

On committing 4,317 hours to beat the highest annual mileage record… and then stopping.


Mission: Run the Lavaredo Ultra Trail

Six months out, how does a normal runner in London think about preparing for a 74-mile (120km) run through the Dolomites.


Six Ways to Kit Up for Winter Riding

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit, or so the saying goes. Here’s a guide to a few simple things to do to help keep you happy riding through the winter.