Lentine Zahler

Recipe writer, storyteller and Cookie Lady at Skratch Labs. I pedal bicycles with passion, and create recipes and delicious meals for athletes the world over.

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10 Ingredient Meal Week for Busy Athletes

Simplify your grocery list and get creative with recipes designed for very busy athletes.

Penny Stove Packing Strategy

How to Fuel a Bikepacking Trip

Tips from two mountain bikers who fueled a 550-mile foray through Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

Find Your Food Formula

How Lentine prepares a nutrition strategy for Cape Epic, and how you too can prepare for a monstrous, multi-day challenge.

Honey Date Bread 3

Two Bakers on Being a Gluten-Free Athlete

Whether gluten intolerant, or gluten-aware, you can learn from their stories about building optimal ways to eat, train and thrive.

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10 Healthy Food Hacks for Traveling Athletes

There is no reason for good nutrition or eating well to completely jump the tracks just because travel gets in your way.

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Fat: Is Bacon Good for our Brains and Bodies?

See why our hungry brains need fat to tell our hard working bodies what we need in order to prepare for, continue on, and recover from our athletic pursuits.


Sugar: Finding Your Sweet Spot

How to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs and satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious stuff like this date bar recipe.

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50 Shades of Oatmeal with Ted King

The reality is that very little prep goes into the creation of a virtually endless array of flavor that’s packed with nutrients and sustenance to power you through the day.

finishing salts 2

Worth Your Salt

Salt plays a crucial role in hydrating our bodies, but many of us forget to truly up our intake when temperatures rise or training stacks up.