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What You’ve Proved in Just a Week!

This month, we challenged every athlete on Strava to start the year off strong and let January set the tone for the rest of 2014. With the first week of our month long Prove It Challenges for both runners and cyclists completed, we thought you’d like to see your progress.

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The Marathon Training Series is Back

Training for an upcoming Marathon? Looking to build on your base training and crush your PR at events like Berlin, Chicago, or New York? Strava is here to support your goals with another round of the Marathon Training Series.

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Strava Challenges Have Gone Mobile

We’re excited to bring the fun and motivation of Strava Challenges to our mobile apps. Download the latest versions of Strava for Android and iPhone today to discover, join, and participate in upcoming Challenges directly from your mobile device.

Track your progress: Now you can access your Challenge stats while on the go.  Check in on your effort towards the Challenge goal, earn milestone badges, and keep tabs on your spot on the leaderboard.

Invite friends: Challenges are more fun with more people. Share Challenges via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS and compare your results with friends.

Get motivated: Stay on top of your game with new Challenges every month and see how you stack up against athletes around the world.

Kick things off with one (or more) of our June Challenges. We’ve got The Junedoggle, which is the next installment of the Monthly Training Series, as well as a few others for runners and cyclists.

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Introducing the Monthly Training Series

We’ll be offering a series of month-long Challenges that present both runners and cyclists with a consistent goal: logging as many kilometers as you can during each calendar month. We’re calling it the Monthly Training Series, and with milestone badges and leaderboards, you’ll have motivation and a chance to compare your efforts against yourself, your friends and even the pros.

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Join the Marathon Training Series

Strava Marathon Training Series

Training for an April Marathon? Looking to build on that January base and crush your PR at Boston or Big Sur or London? Strava is here to support your goals with our upcoming Marathon Training Series!

We want to make sure you have the tools and motivation you need to get to that finish line, set a PR, or run a marathon just for fun. For each of the Challenges in the series, you need to run the required distance in a single activity within the time allotted to make it count.

The Marathon Training Series consists of three individual Challenges, with distances and scheduling designed to align with your existing training calendar:

Marathon Training Series Half Marathon February 2013 Half Marathon (Feb 1-10)
A 13.1 mile test to see where you stand
Marathon Training Series Long Run March 2013 Long Run (Mar 1-10)
Up the miles and prove you’re ready
Marathon Training Series Half Marathon April 2013 Marathon (Apr 6-28)
Translate your training block into a marathon PR! 

Do you have what it takes to complete all three Challenges in the Marathon Training Series? For those runners that do, we’ll make sure you get the recognition from Strava that you deserve (and maybe a little surprise as well).

Sign up for all three Challenges today (half marathon,  long run and marathon), and get your butt out there! You’ve got some running to do…