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Product Designer and cyclist who is in it for the food.

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Cyclists, Your New Ride Page is Now Live

We’ve built an entirely new way to analyze your rides. You can zoom in on custom sections, laps, and Strava segments, and the map and elevation chart will follow your every move.

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Access Indoor Training Videos from Your Computer

We're excited to tell you that you can now access these Premium training videos from our partner, The Sufferfest, right from your computer on In addition, you can access them from the Strava Cycling app on your iPhone or Android.


Preview the New Ride Pages

Over the past nine months we've been laying the foundation for our new ride pages, and we’re excited to take the next step in bringing them to you.

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Introducing New Personal Heatmaps

You’ve pioneered new roads, put in the miles, and trained hard. Now, show the world what you’ve accomplished by foot and by bike. Premium members, now you can create your own personal heatmaps to visualize the ground you’ve covered around the world. It’s the perfect thing to share with friends.


Real-time Segments for Android and iPhone is Here

Real-time Segments gives Premium members their segment times instantly and removes the wait -- see the day’s leaderboard and where you stand immediately after completing the segment. Settle any debates with friends about your times while you catch your breath at the end of a big push.

New Premium Feature: Fitness & Freshness for Power Meter Users

Premium members with power meters can now track their fitness and peak for that next big race. When we recently launched Premium power features on Strava we promised to continue upping the ante for our Premium members. Today, we’re happy to announce Fitness & Freshness. This new analysis page is located within the Training section …

Have You Set a Performance Goal?

Performance Goals with a Social Twist Setting a goal is one of the first things a dedicated athlete does as they prepare for a new season, a new month, and even a new week. With that in mind, we’re happy to announce the launch of our second set of Premium goal-related features: Performance Goals. Our …

Segment Intensity Score for Power Meter Users

Geeking out over your matched segment list after a ride is a favorite Strava past time, and we’re excited to launch a feature that will give you even more to geek out over. Now available to Strava Premium members with power meters, Segment Intensity Score tells you how hard you worked on any given segment.  …

Strava + Instagram

For us here at Strava, not every ride and run is about crushing KOMs and CRs. We love to stop once in a while to smell the roses, wait for a friend, crack a joke, or simply enjoy the view. When the view is particularly epic, it’s become pretty natural to take out our phones …