5 GPS Watches that Work with Strava

 Bells, whistles, battery life and Bluetooth, find a device best suited for your training.

There are tons of GPS devices on the market and they come in a variety of shapes, forms and functions. We know it’s hard to know the differences and most importantly which ones play nice with Strava, because not all watches do.

There are some really cool things happening in the GPS world and we wanted to highlight a few of our newer integrations with Strava. Each of these five devices has some unique characteristics that differentiate them from one another. Get the details on which have full color screens, show your elevation, can go swimming with you and wirelessly upload to Strava.

Suunto Ambit 2r

The newest watch to the Ambit lineup (which all now work with Strava) is optimized for runners with customizable screens for trail running and indoor training. You can easily track your splits, elevation and GAP as you hustle up local hills in pursuit of CRs. Bypass the visit to Movescount and directly upload to Strava with Moveslink2 by connecting your accounts, see how.



Made for triathletes, this sleek two-piece device is not only water resistant to 50m, but the battery also lasts well over ten hours. It also has an SOS safety alert function, in case anything happens while you’re out training alone you can alert friends and family. No need for a cord or a computer with the Bia – you can upload anywhere via cellular data.



When it comes to GPS, more is not always better. This is a minimalist watch in both size and display. You can easily navigate from one clean screen to the next. You don’t even need a chest strap to track your heart rate as the Cardio model has a built in wrist sensor. Quickly upload on the go with Bluetooth smartphone sync or plug in to the web.



The screen is 2” in size and only has two pages to navigate between. The Leikr has a beautiful colorful map and a five field detailed breakdown of your activity. It’s also the first device to have WiFi upload directly to Strava.com.



It’s pink – what else is there to say?  Well, it’s also a solid value and simple interface. The 1.0 is just $99 and is available in a variety of colors at the Strava shop. It syncs with a cord and is water resistant up to 30m.


We are continually working to get you more options to choose from when tracking your GPS activities on Strava. If there is a device you love, let us know about it in the comments below. We can’t make any promises, but we like to know your thoughts.

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  • Tafkas

    My Garmin Forerunner 310XT works perfectly with Strava.

    • Andrey Méndez

      Tafkas, do you have to use any sort of cable to transfer the data to Strava or can it be done via Bluetooth? Thanks

  • Sean Lally

    My Garmin Fenix 2 works well with Strava too.

    • vesterinen

      Sean, how do you sync your fenix 2 with Strava? Also, is there any loss of accuracy or certain metrics?

      • Sean Lally

        Go to the Strava site and click the upload button. It will ask to install a garmin plugin if it’s not already. After that’s installed it will upload the data straight from the watch to strava.

  • samuel16004

    My Garmin Forerunne 610 works well with Strava

  • Aaron Blair

    Garmin FR620 please! Getting mine in a matter of days, and I do NOT want to have to use Garmin Connect 🙁

    • Jordan Rickards

      You don’t have to, Strava see’s it just fine, although you do have to plug it into your computer.

  • Flawless

    A Table comparing key features (GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Battery Life) would have been nice.

  • John Andrew Hazlewood

    what is the best swimmers watch that works with Strava?

    • Toby

      I use garmin swim & taprik

    • bert

      I use a Sun Dial

  • mercedeskris

    This might have already been answered, but I want to find a good watch for running and cycling! Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • Beniamin Tamas

    for tech4o trail leader pro please!

  • jeremy sippel

    4iiii viiiiva heart rate monitor. Had it nearly a year without it connecting to my nexus 5 or S3 both on 4.4.4

  • jimstetson

    I love my TIMEX Run Trainer 2.0 and use it every time I train or race. Works great to upload to Strava and analyze performance.

  • Barney_dk

    Now that Garmin connect integration is working fine, you really should update this article to include Garmin

  • Alberto Monroy

    Apple watch please

    • A Freedom Fighter

      Spare me!

  • C. R.

    Timex Ironman One GPS+ “Leave your smartphone at home.”

  • Brian

    Will STRAVA work on new TIMEX IRONMAN® RUN X20 GPS?

  • Jaxxxi

    The new Fitbit surge would be great to connect to Strava. ? Is this possible?

  • yemmer

    thinking of buying a soleus watch to track my strava, can i post straight through the watch, i have to plug into computer i guess?? easy to work with strava cheers!

  • Wade

    Apple Watch ASAP!!!

    • Apple Watch is already supposed to support the Strava app (if I’m not mistaken, you can see the icon in ads). The problem is that (if it’s anything like the Moto 360) you have to run with your cell phone on you. The whole REASON I wanted to get a smart watch was to finally leave the phone behind.

      I’m really hoping that this thing works with the FitBit Surge.

  • Gregor Otto Kühnemuth

    I have a Polar Watch m-400 and I would love to use it with strava

    • ash fran

      Me too!

    • Jonathan Boucard

      I export tcx files from polar flow into Strava but they don’t play nice. Thinking of ditching my m400 after just two months as having to run with Strava app on HTC phone 🙁

  • Any idea if the Tomtom Cardio will do real-time heart rate via Bluetooth to Strava, for cycling purposes? As in, not do a sync afterwards, but work as a bluetooth heart rate monitor? I realize this is overkill at 2x the GPS devices with a phone, but as a cyclist & runner I’m trying to eliminate the number of devices needed: (1) bluetooth chest/wrist HRM + (2) iPhone for cycling, and then (3)Tomtom/similar for running. Would be nice to have just (2) and (3)

  • Guilherme Larangeira

    What about FitBit?

  • You guys should update this article with the latest compatible GPS watches.

  • Brian

    I’ve just purchased a Crane Bluetooth GPS Watch, will this one work with Strava ?

    • Shaun

      I have the old one and the new one. Can’t get the new one to work as bluetooth but it does work with the old program though cable connection to the computer. You connect tot he your computer, download gpsmaster, import watch data, export as gpx files then upload to strava. I was hoping it would be a lot easier with bluetooth connectivity. Perhaps I have dodgy watch. they aid bring it back if you can’t get the bluetooth to work.

  • Alejandro Prieto

    mi reloj de nike de tomtom no conecta con strava. por que???