ROUBAIX – A Sunny Sunday in Hell

The mother of all wild race chases, the mother of all wild races: Paris-Roubaix.

The weather was perfect for a great day out on Sunday. Fans showed up by the thousands. So did the photographers. Us included. Jered and Ashley Gruber give an inside look at the cobbles, crowds and Hell of the North race.

Hunting in Spain with Deux North

They've been to lumberjack competitions, demolition derbies, bike races, and most recently the Rally de Catalunya, a World Rally Championship event in Salou, Spain.


Supporting Girls on the Run

It’s easy to forget the power of a run, the community, the confidence and the strength one can gain from achieving such a goal. That's precisely what GOTR provides young girls.


WOW: The #FreddyKruger

Head to your local track and get pumped because you’re about to lay the smack down. This workout will get you ready for anything.


Welcome to a Classic Month of Pro Racing

The Spring Classics of northern Europe are, for many, the highlight of the season. More than the Grand Tours, the one-day Classics show bike racing at its most exciting, passionate and pure.


Ted King’s Epic Gent-Wevelgem Race Story

A personal story of racing through yet another nameless Belgian hamlet in what Ted King would easily classify as the craziest race he has ever experienced.


Tempo: Rolling Fast, Pedaling Slow

As a result of the controlled intensity and relatively low cadence Tempo intervals feel pretty easy at the start of the workout, but they get more challenging as they progress.


Strava Lands in Berlin at Tempelhof Airfield

Cyclists flocked to Berlin in March for the Berlin Bicycle Week and Fahrradschau – it’s the biggest festival of cycling in Europe each spring. And this year Strava brought a bit of friendly competition to the party.


What’s Your Snore Score?

Any coach will tell you that to improve, rest is even more important than your training. That's why we're introducing something new, targeting that critical part of the performance equation.


WOW: #TheZipper

This workout makes an average run way more fun, and is sure to bring out some hidden talents among your running friends, if not in speed, then in post workout banter.

Wherever you run, we invite you to Run with Us.

Running takes us everywhere – through city streets, on muddy trails, along neighborhood loops and to places we’ve never been. We run short and go long. We do speed work and run hill repeats. Running makes us feel alive. It pushes our limits. Alone or with friends, by running we belong to the same community.